Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Town, Summer in the City

It's 99 degrees outside. Fahrenheit. I don't know how to convert to Celsius, but it's hotter than a hot thing that is quite hot.

Being a lithium user, i am intolerable to this kind of heat. It's not the heat in NJ/NYC, it's the HUMIDITY. You go outside ands your legs and arms feel like lead, and sweat comes out of pores they haven't even discovered in Med School. The air conditioning in my apartment is so crappy, it's brought it down to 90 degrees. Whoo-Hoo!

So I am in my underwear, glass of ice tea by side, on the sofa, it's too hot to write, even though I have something done and needing proofing, my brain cannot handle it . I have a tape recorder too if i cannot write fast enough, and it's too hot for that.

Maybe it's time to go in the bathtub, pretend it's a pool at some tropical resort, and the cat is a cabana boy fetching me tall cold iced glasses of ice tea, or water with a lemon wedge, covered in ice. I cannot stop drinking, I feel as thirsty as someone in the Sahara.

Or maybe it's time to dream i had the money to go to the ice hotel in Quebec.I wish I had a passport. I am so there.

This was on TV last night, great video, and the one it make fun out of is probably the best, seminal video to come out of the 80s.

Ladies and Gents- Chris Griffin


Mark p.s.2 said...

Sorry you are hot. I am also. I'm leaving the literal puddle on the floor where I sit.
Here its scientifically 32 celcius, but with the humidity feels like 40. They (on TV) report it as 40, so I don't know what the real scientific numbers are.

Ice hotel is only from Jan to April.
Advice : Unplug everything but the fridge and airconditioner (if you got one). Many electrical items make a small amount of heat in the "vampire power" they suck. any incandesant light generates heat, so with fluorescent, battery or LED lighting.

Mark p.s.2 said...

so GO with fluorescent

susan said...

Mark, sorry you are so hot too, and you cannot get to the ice hotel.

I can dream about the ice hotel. Dreaming about it is cooling.....

I actually have unplugged everything but the computer, the radio, and the A/C. Oh and the fridge. I couldn't even move that to turn it off if I wanted to.

I gotta find a public pool. It's the answer to all problems.

Stay cool.....

NurseExec said...

I know what you mean. My meds make me intolerant of the heat too, and for some strange-ass reason, I elected to live in FL, land of hellish heat and humidity. Stay cool!

susan said...

Nurse, i feel for you, and you have those famous Florida Flies!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can sympathize with the hotness--it's way too hot here too. My job does not involve working where there is A/C, so you have to drink tons to keep hydrated. Plus I'm on Effexor, which can increase the amount you sweat, so that doesn't make things any better. :( Bleah. I hate Effexor.

Hope it cools off for you soon.


Anonymous said...

Isn't heat like that awful? It clings like nothing else, and everything has an odd feverish quality to it. As if we've not enough to contend with mentally already!

I know the pain since I could've had a child in the time my air conditioner has been broken. Hit it with a wrench now and again. It will make you feel better even if it doesn't fix the dreaded thing.

susan said...

Hi Bohemian! I've gone through 2 a/c units in my bedroom this summer.....

I can only hope it cools off soon!

Stephany said...

It's hot here again too, in the 80s here this week, but nights cool down to 58 or so. Koda has now parked in front of a big floor fan.

Funny, that ice hotel is where my oldest told me i had to take her when she (finally)graduates college! lol i hope she forgot!

those pics of the hotel are reallt pretty though, aren't they?

Soon, fall will be here and we'll all be full of life not wilting from heat!

Stephany said...

You know those super hot days we had recently? the hottest temp I saw enroute to visit L was 108 degrees!! i never drank so many iced drinks in one day! frozen mocha drinks, frozen berry drinks, ice cream, it was crazy hot. I hope to not deal with that again! I cannot tolerate east coast or midwest humidity. Once in DC it was 101 and 100% humidity and I seriously thought I would die. ACK, yuck, yuck, plus rash under the boobs always makes it worse in those conditions! lol

G said...

Aha is Norwegian you know ;) I'm back to blogging after a little break. Loving catching up on your stuff!

susan said...

G! You're back! You are back!

I missed your blogging. Dude, you can really write and your last adventure with the ladies had me getting coffee all over my keyboard.

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