Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It goes in twos, not threes

It's obvious when I worked in the newsroom I researched and wrote obits.

Breaking over the wires this past hour, Dominick Dunne has died, at the age of 83. Coming on this morning's death of Senator Ted Kennedy, it is like deja vu on the death of JFK. People forget that Aldous Huxley died the same day. Kennedy's death overshadowed the great writer of "Brave New World".

To many Dominick Dunne was simply the father of the "Close Encounters" actress Dominque Dunne. He started writing for Vanity Fair magazine in March 84, covering the trial of the man accused of his daughter's murder. Before he started writing, he was known as the producer of such films as The Boys in the Band, Panic in Needle Park, Play It as It Lays, and Ash Wednesday.

A lovely paragraph from his obituary on the Vanity Fair website
But by this time drugs and alcohol had become an unmanageable part of his life, and in 1975 he drove himself up to the woods in Oregon. Living alone in a cabin, he became sober and began, at age 50, to write.

Dunne was also a best selling author and had done some shows for Court TV.

The entire obit is here .


Mary LA said...

Thanks for this Susan

Mary LA said...

Thanks for this Susan

susan said...

You are most welcome Mary.

Love to you and the pups.

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