Friday, August 21, 2009

On the roots of the Carl Sagan post.....

I am too Existential tonight. This was on TV earlier, I finally found it on You Tube. Like it, or hate it, Kansas was one heck of a band.

Ok. Ok. "Dust in the Wind" does make you cry. How about Stan and Kyle doing "Carry On Wayward Son"?

The entire clip cannot be embedded, but it is here. It is five minutes long, get out the candles and groove.

Have a nice weekend. And for those who know my surname, they are the best guitars money can buy.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Kansas was a one-hit-wonder band. But what a hit.

Why don't you watch this clip, which has much better animation:

susan said...

Thank you RPJ!

It looks good, but I personally cannot watch the Beatles, I cry too much over John Lennon.

Christa said...

LOVED the videos and yes, that Kansas song ROCKS!

susan said...

Thank you Christa! I loved your last piece you just posted.

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