Thursday, February 7, 2008

Too Many Doctors?

Several months ago, it was easy. I  saw the pdoc once a month, the therapist every 2 weeks or so, the GP once a year and the Gynocologist once a year as well. 

Vet as needed. 

Now it's specialists and different doctors among different doctors. For the gyno, it's a mammo every few weeks to check on dark shadows and a lump I have on one breast. Don't know if it's cancer, lets just keep watching it. 

Then I see the gyno every 2 months to explain the mammos to me. Then she orders an ultra sound, and it's back to the hospital for that. For the breast and ovaries to see why I am getting my period every 15 days or so. 

I have my physical. She wants me to go to a cardiologist, there is something tinky in the heart t hat wasn't there before. Thanks to Geodon my heart is wonky.

And now the new pdoc wanted me to go to another specialists. 

I got my doctors mixed up. Too many little cards they give you when I write it on the calendar
So today I thought I was going to Philly. I am not, it's the regular doctor at 2, specialist next month.

So what I want to know today is how many other people get confused by their doctors and how to you keep them straight?.

Or is it too many doctors? I honestly don't know. 

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