Thursday, February 14, 2008

One more doctor, down, two more to go this week

I hate doctors. I really do. MDs, PhD's, I hate them. One doctor yesterday. All the blood work. Now physical. Something wrong. White blood count too high. platelets too high. Something with the thyroid. Some other things. Pdoc wants a physical. Gynecologist wants a physical. Another sonogram. The only doc I haven't seen in my hospital is HOUSE. Now, I wouldn't be complaining over that, now would I?

But four docs in one week, 3 last week?

The new med cocktail has me not able to sleep. I use to be an Olympic athlete, in the sleep department. Now, four hours a night. i am hypomanic. I got up at 2 am and cleaned out a closet. How sick is that?

A friend from DBSA made a comment that I really am tough, I keep going one foot forward, 2 back. I try.. I try. Meanwhile it's another doctor today, no sleep for the last 2 days and I have become the lunatic on the grass.

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