Thursday, February 28, 2008

another med change, for the best

P-doc changed the meds now. Cut everything in half, including Lithium.
So I am being tapered down.

She told me as she looked in my file on a Dell computer, and said 'so many meds". Lets try to cut them down.".

She is a smart lady, wearing a red and black shirt yesterday and dress pants. Well groomed and sweet.

I felt better yesterday, put on make up and a clean shirt and new jeans. It is visible the 30 lbs I have lost.

Still won't touch the Ambien, and spiltting pills for everything but it's getting better. I don;'t feel like a zombie now.

I just get nervous about Klonepin and Vistaril, and Haldol. Half does are easier to deal with.
I really like the pdoc. She seems to know what she is saying./doing. Everyone seems so happy there, unlike my old pdoc's office.

8 meds now, plus pain pills for back. My goal is to get down in the next 2 months to just lithium.

I just wanted everyone who reads this to know I really think I am taking baby steps finally on the road to recovery.Thank you alll for your love and support


Stephany said...

You are doing great, hang in there, and for fun I tagged you for a book meme, take a look at my blog for the info!

San said...

I stumbled over from Merelyme's place. Glad you've found a doc you have some trust in. Cutting the meds down--that sounds promising.

susan said...

Thank you very much Stephany and San!

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