Friday, July 3, 2009

Zager and Evans were right, they just had the year wrong


"In the year 3535
Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies
Everything you think, do, or say
Is in the pill you took today"

Like I said. Zager and Evans were right, they just got the year wrong.


D Bunker said...

Right Over The Back Wall at Fenway, And It's STILL Going!

The AMA extends cover and medical authority to Psychiatry when it Should be booting them out from under Any pretense of legitimacy.

Psych is openly Chasing 60 Million Americans as needing to be Drugged, and the money-grubbing AMA Still accords them standing.

But then why Wouldn't the rascals? With Psychs creating Diabetics & on & on by the Bucketful, it's a Win/Win Situation. Every Drug Co Whore with an MD after their name cashes in!

susan said...


I actually thought of you when I posted this and my brain thought of this song!

The other good thing about the video- it was made in 68 or 69- look at the hair and the clothes! I love it!

Stan said...

"Tear us down and start over again"

Finally a national health care plan that can actually work

D Bunker said...

People who Should know better can't stop singing the praises of the coming, National Socialist Single Payer Stupidity.

1: Doctors will only have to work 40 hrs, and ALL submit bills for the MAXIMUM, GOVT RATE for whatever they've done.

2: Since they will be WORKING FOR GOVT, you'll NEVER be able to FIRE Them.

3: Once Health Care is a 100% GOVT ISSUED COMMODITY: It will Never be allowed to FAIL, and go out of business.

Without allowing Any business the chance to FAIL in the market and go belly up, that Business will just keep providing More & More of the Same, Rotten Service, Denials & Rationing.

And when Govt finally OWNS Everybody's Health Care, THEN we'll have Full 'Mental Health' Coverage - & and Drugging to Death - of Every American who finally wakes up and says, "Hey, This Single Payer Nonsense Sucks!"

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