Friday, July 24, 2009

We will miss you, Gidget

For those who haven't heard, Gidget died yesterday. Gidget was most famous for being the spokesman for the Taco Bell Chain of restaurants.

Below is a picture of Gidget, and a memorial from Conan O'Brien, which is a hoot. RIP Gidget, at the Rainbow Bridge. May you have all the tacos, burritos and chalupas you can eat.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Seems the Conan clip was not embedded properly.

And the dog lived 15 years! And still they are people warning about how unhealthy Mexican food is ;-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: On second thought, the video did embed properly. It's just that the Hulu guys are dicks :-/

susan said...


I have written to Hulu. Apparently their really cool site only plays in the States. Which is a shame. I told them they should make it accessable to everyone like You Tube.

Mexican food is yummy. I am actually craving some. Can you email some to me at

Must be mild though.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Let me see if my mom can lend me one of her old recipe books, and I'll try to translate some of those for you :)

susan said...


Yo quiero un taco! Muchos tacos y Diet Coke!

Actually there are a few good Mexican places other than Taco Bell near me. I noticed one had fish tacos on the menu. I never had fish tacos.

And for the record, my first waitressing job was at a Chi-Chis.I lived on tacos that semester.

susan said...


This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world. Go to the NJ not the PA site.

Red Pill Junkie said...

That place looks all right; but the problem seems that all those Mexican restaurants in the US focus mainly with the dishes that use corn dough shaped in one way or another —over here we call them "Vitamin T": tacos, tostadas, totopos...

But there's much more than that. There's Pozole for example, which is a dish directly related to Mesoamerican cuisine —but back in those days they used human flesh, instead of pork >:)

September is near, and with September comes the season of a very traditional Mexican dish: Chiles en Nogada, which it's also considered very patriotic because it displays the three colors of the Mexican flag —NOT, mind you, because we Mexicans are insecure in our manhood ;-)

susan said...

RPJ- that dish looks lovely, maybe it's served in Sept because of my birthday!!!!

The restaurant is owned and operated by two women immigrants from Guatemala. The whole place is painted in that brick color with paintings (not of the real thing), of Kahlo and Rivera- and Van Gogh. Yep, there are two Van Goghs. But that's fine with me- I have many Van Goghs in my apt too!

I was there a month ago and noticed a new painting, done by one of those women's grandchildren. It was the best one there ;-)

As for human sacrifice and auto sacrifice, I am working on a piece on that.....

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