Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hell On Earth

Taken from Forgotten Photography, a web site that lists all the state owned psychiatric hospitals in the US.

This hospital might look lovely, but.... I spent 4 days here once. It's hell.


Anthony said...

Places like that always look better from the outside.

Fenway Park.

susan said...


you left out college dorms!

Ana said...

I loved the page "Why the original project failed"

That is a good initiative.

Hope you have slept and is at peace.
Love you Susan,

Red Pill Junkie said...

Fenway Park."


Red Pill Junkie said...

...But then again, the real hell is inside each and everyone of us, if we let it manifest.

Synchronicity said...

hi susan! it has been so long. how are you? my mother was in and out of those types of institutions her whole life...I still remember some of the old timey ones with the old fashioned elevators with the gates. And also bars on the windows.

You probably have but have you written about your times there?

It is really good to see you and I always appreciate the notes you send to me...especially about kitties. Thanks for always being there.

susan said...

You mentioned Auschwitz...

Amen. and Amen.

And just to throw out in the universe, my father, when he was 18, was drafted for Ww ii. He did basic training in NC and then some medic training, and was sent overseas with a group of soldiers who helped liberate that camp. To this day he has nightmares.

He adopted his daughters because it was during Vietnam and he was worried if he adopted a boy he would be drafted too.

susan said...

Hi Merelyme! It was good to see you blogging again, I have missed you and the pictures you post of baby Mew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan:

These places were built with some kind of good intentions that went awry.

My brother was the youngest "resident" of Byberry in Philadelphia. He entered at age 13 and was there until it closed, with some home respites and runaway respites along the way.

It is gone now - knocked down about 3 years or so ago. Senior housing has been built but there are not many takers. For one thing, prices start at over $350,000 - for Philadelphia!!! Almost unheard of when you can live at any other senior housing development for l/3 the price in surrounding counties.

The other reason I am sure is --- who would want to live on land where there used to be a psych hospital that was closed for 20 years and purported to be haunted.

My brother is dead now, but I will never forget the many visits I made there and the people I met. A very sad place.

I am sorry you had to live through that and I thank you for writing about your experiences in your blog.


Anonymous said...

It's quite a juxtaposition. You know, such ugliness within such beauty.

bipolar disorder said...

Nice header i liked it...
But everyone wants to be at heaven right. so what to do??

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