Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simon and Garfunkel and Arthur C. Clarke and Kubrick

I'm empty and aching and I dont know why

stayed up til 4 am last night watching '2001'. Very worried about the thing that hit Jupiter, and the big black spot now.

I wonder if it's a monolith. Or maybe a tomb for Stanley Kubrick, and Arthur Clarke, and Dave Bowman.

It's been 2 days since i slept. I need sleep.


Anonymous said...

1. Could you possibly mention any more of my favorite things? Probably not. "America" is my #1 favorite song of all time.

2. I'm wishing you luck for sleep tonight. Does reading a book ever help tire your eyes? That sometimes helps. You're in my thoughts.

susan said...

I always loved "America", and "Kathy's Song".

The line "Counting the cars on the NJ Turnpike- I do that at least once a week. They may not be looking for America anymore, i don't know what they are looking for.

I actually read 3/4ths of a book which is great, and did some research on one of the books i am writing.....

Anonymous said...

*offers comfort*

I have trouble sleeping too. Sometimes snuggling a stuffed animal helps, or drinking warm milk.

I hope you get some sleep soon, and I'm glad you were able to read.


Polar Bear said...

Not being able to sleep sucks. Can you get something from your doc to help you sleep?

Red Pill Junkie said...

The paradox is: the more you worry about not sleeping enough, the less you sleep from the stress.

You shouldn't take any medication that helps you sleep. My father is addicted to that stuff; so is my sister, which is almost ironic because often she falls asleep at my mother's watching television, but when my mother tells her to go to her old room, she refuses because she hasn't taken her sleeping pills, and so she wakes up and goes to her home *faceslap*

That Hubble clip shows the warranty we paid for Jupiter is still holding. After all, that's Jupiter's job: to capture all the errant objects that might be a threat to the Earth; without the gas giants guarding our rear in the far ranges of the system, life on Earth would not last more than a couple hundred million years.

Unknown said...

I've suffered from insomnia for about 20 years. No sleep seriously tweaks me out. I take meds now. An Ambien and some seraquel. Sleep is very important for me to stay level. If you can't do meds, I would suggest naps if you can take them. I have gone to my car at lunch to sleep 20 minutes or so. Every little bit helps.

susan said...

@Hi Littlewolf, no, too hot to sleep, even in my birthday suit. I don't like summer. But my tail is wagging!

@Hi Polar Bear! Girl, it's great to see you. No, my shrink won't give me a sleeping pill. It's a glass of milk and turkey sandwich for me.


susan said...

@RPJ- like I told Polar Bear, the only thing i have to make me sleep is warm milk and turkey sandwich.

I know you are right about Jupiter, but sometimes when you are awake but day dreaming, your mind wanders, and you think of things that if you were really awake make no sense. I call it thinking like a child.....

Sisyphusgal-normally i do take cat naps, i think this always happens in August, it gets too hot for me being on lithium, and I cannot sleep. And no sleep will either flip me to depression or mania. Usually depression.I usually get manic in the winter. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Glad to hear that your tail is wagging. :) I hope things cool down for you soon.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add that I think it's interesting that you have noted that you get manic in the winter. Around October and November tend to be bad depression times for me (I'm unipolar, but some times are worse than others).

Though the past few years I have noticed a tendency to depression in the summer too... :(


susan said...

Littlewolf, my tail is always wagging! And my nose is usually cold too!

Anonymous said...

*grin* Glad to hear that you always have a waggy tail and a cold nose. Most of me is usually cold--I get cold easily, and it's one of the ways I can sometimes tell if I am upset. I get really cold when I get sad and lonely--it's a crummy feeling, but pretty awesome metaphorically that the physical mirrors the emotional. Almost like some kind of pathetic fallacy...


Ana said...

Hope you have slept.
Thanks for sharing this.

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