Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And here's one from today's Onion!

From Today's Onion.

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—Mike Oakland, 29, told reporters Monday he is not about to pay $100 to have his 5-month-old cat, Mowgli, neutered, because he has no expectations that the dull, paunchy tabby will ever get laid.

"For all he's going to use those balls, he might as well keep them," said Oakland, adding that he'd bet anyone any amount of money that the striped kitten will die a virgin. "He never leaves the house, and I've seen how the neighbor cat looks at him. Completely platonic." When reached for comment, a spokesperson from the Florida Humane Society reiterated that it's important to have all pets spayed or neutered, even ugly lame-o's who probably couldn't score in a roomful of calicos in heat.


Anonymous said...

Poor little kitty. Someday you'll blossom. :)

Thanks for sharing!

susan said...

Glad you liked it Ari!

Southernbelle said...

Oh that is so MEAN!!

I bet if one of these dudes dies a virgin, it will NOT be Mowgli!!! ;-)

And if that is Mowgli's pic--he is ADORABLE!!!!!

susan said...


I agree. He is quite cute. According to Cute Overload, it is Mowgli!

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