Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday one day late

I meant to post this yesterday, but in the thrill of seeing Bitter Animator write a cartoon about my bear idea- (and the bear is very cute), I forgot to post this.

Astronauts have picked up Hubble telescope for repairs.

Here are some beauties from Hubble.

I wish I could have done better at higher math. I would have loved to be an astronomer.


Ana said...

Hubble is sick?
Oh my God!
Hope they repair it quick.
Lovely photos.
I believe that it would be better being an astronomer too.
But the math...

Immi said...

Amen... I wish I could have been better at higher math too. I'd have been a scientist of some sort of other. But alas, I'm allergic to math. Hubble... beautiful photos.

susan said...

Ana, they pulled it in to fix it and clean it. I bet it was very dirty from space dust and debris.

Immi-me too. Math? I can balance my check book. That is enough

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