Monday, May 11, 2009

Something for fun- on a very bad day

When I get like this, The Simpsons and Spongebob make things better. I accidently hurt one of my dearest friends in the universe and now I feel like shit.

I don't know if I can make things right, but- I can try to make people laugh. Thats me. Too nice and the peacemaker, never get anyone upset. If I was older, I could have been the next Henry Kissinger.

All good and well, I would give it all back to have her as a friend again.

Last night's new episode of the Simpsons. One of the few shows still on TV that hasn't jumped the shark.
Please go to counter- It's a take off on my favorite Shakespeare play- Macbeth- and one of the five books I would want if I was on a desert island- The Fountainhead.

And also we get Homer as Sir Walter Raleigh, Aunt Selma as the first Queen Elizabeth- and even better- Homer as MacBeth reciting the first piece of Shakespeare I ever memorized. "She should have died hereafter..." Act V, Scene V.


Ana said...

I was warned that only US citizens can see it.

susan said...

Ana, really?

I was afraid of that. Oh well. You Tube still isn't working........

I;m sorry!

Mark Krusen said...

Holly does have similar colors to my picture at the zoo. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your having a good day today. A lot of people seem to be d
n right now.

Ana said...

I'm with that this writing problem too.
Strange youtube isn't working.

susan said...

@Mark- stripes are good and they are slimming. Yes, everyone seems to be down. I suggest your wife's pie, and make it a la mode, with a big glass of ice tea and every one is happy.

@Ana, You tube is not working.....

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