Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a shout out! And a picture to boot!

Yesterday I mentioned an idea that instead of pills, we could use hugs and teddy bears to make us feel better.

Imagine my surprise this morning to see one of my favorite bloggers, Bitter Animator, not only likes my idea- he liked it so much that he made a cartoon about it.

I got the teddy bear idea for several reasons......

1. I seem to have put on seven pounds from the 45 I lost last year, and now it's time to pull out the shorts. .......Eiii.....

2. I really was jonsing for a hug from someone, and I couldn't with the weight gain, go the familiar ice cream route, even if the supermarket across the street had Cherry Garcia for $2.50 a pint.

3. I had run out of one of my drugs, Cymbalta, and ended up missing a day and a half dose and coming down with a headache just a hair short of a migraine from it.

So I crawled into bed, took out my panda bear, and got my old stuffed tiger, Tigger (after Winnie The Pooh) out of the box he is sleeping in because I have had him since my 4th birthday and he is most fragile. I took them in bed with me and felt much better.

Hence, why not give teddies instead of scripts from your doc to make you feel better?

Life should be this simple. And lets face it, they could re tool all the Big Pharma plants to manufacture bears, so no one would loose their jobs, everyone is happy..... and live happily ever after.

Please add Bitter to your blog rolls. For a price of a daily post- you get a great read and a cartoon. A toofer!

I feel like I just won a Nobel.......


Ana said...

I've loved this!
I went to the blog but I'm not having time now because there are too many people here working.
I'll go there tomorrow.
I have already had a teddy bear in my bed when I was in fever.
It helped a lot!

Immi said...

I have Bitter on my blogroll already. And I have a teddy bear. Good thing because life is feeling sucky just now. It'll pass. My bear says so.

susan said...

@Ana, love my teddys.

@Immi- hold your bear close and those four beautiful fur babies.

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