Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just for fun-

Proof Positive Big Pharma is going to the dogs..

or who let the dogs out???

Personally I think Big Pharma should switch from drugs to Milk Bones.They would still make money,as long as the Milk Bones aren't Prozac flavored for sad dogs, and Viagra flavored for older doggies that need to be put out for stud puporses... ( Pun intended. Pup, puppies? ).


Ana said...

Holly meow meow...
This is Floriano. I think I love you.

Stan said...

Dearest Susan:

How could you disparage the esteemed reputation of Dog-kind like this!

This would be almost like comparing humans to monkeys.

It is just not fair to Monkey's or Dogs!

Please print a retraction or I will call PETA {Laughing}


susan said...

Dear Floriano,

I have never met you,but if you are a Brazilian cat, I would love to hang out in the sunshine and smell the nice smells from the cafes and chase mice with you.

And then nap, because chasing mice is hard work.


Dear Stan,

They didn't have any pictures of cats for this one..... or rabbits or any other soft, cuddly mammals. And I think it's just the cigarette part of the drug store.....

You can call Peta- tell them with all the weight I have lost in the last year, I am almost ready to go in their anti fur ads with the nakkid ladies.......

I hope you are helping taking care one of my favorite doggies in t he world- (Nell is the other), and please please please- another video or piccy of him would be great!

Bitter Animator said...

You know, this explains a lot.

But is it odd that I probably trust dogs more than I trust plain ol' human pharmacists?

susan said...


I trust dogs and cats better than most people for everything I encounter in life.

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