Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mercury is in Retrograde

Yep, Mercury is in retrograde, my shrink who I am thinking of dumping isn't helping with this lithium lowering- and I am worried sick about Gianna, who is going to a Center to get help with her med withdrawal and I want her to get better. She is a lovely woman, and everything I learned about med tapering, I learned from her blog.

Mercury is causing problems with talking, phones, writing... .UGH! I hate when Mercury does this. The whole world should just stop for 3 weeks and work on getting a tan like George Hamilton, for peete's sake.

And now I am worrying about a friend's son going into the war- and a very sick doggie who may go to the Rainbow Bridge.

I know, I know. Everyone has their own cross to bear. And mine is saying right now you aren't good to anyone, including your family, friends, or this blog. Go into your bed, cuddle up with a good book and stay there. Call your friend and beg him to come over because you are having suicidal ideations and all t hat is in schizophrenia.

And I realize one thing. The world would be a much better place if there were no pills to make us better, but just teddy bears.


Ana said...

I believe you should have already changed your physician.
I'm not understanding.
Why has he put you on Cymlbalta?

susan said...

Ana , my physician put me on Cymbalta a year ago when I was in the hospital for pneumonia and he saw I wasn't on any anti depressants- because they stopped them all cold turkey for the pneumonia meds and to get me hydrated again........And bring my temp down from 105.

Confusing, eh? I should write a piece on that... make it clear. Thanks!

Woof woof! To Nell. I wish I could send her a big bone!

Astro Pagan said...

Mercury retrogrades aren't ALL bad. The energy turns more internal, making them good for looking inside and self-understanding. It can be a helpful time for mental and emotional healing.

Bitter Animator said...

Aw, the mere mention of Rainbow Bridge brings tears to my eyes. I had never heard of it until last year when my best buddy in all the world left me.

Breat Big Radio Guy posted a link to the Rainbow Bridge story on my blog and it just sent me into tears for days. It's lovely but it was a hard time. Still hard now actually.

I hope your doggie friend pulls through. They're all very special.

I have no knowledge of Mercury or what it does but it has led you to your realisation about teddy bears. What a wonderful idea. I wonder what we can do to make that happen?

susan said...

@Astro0 you are right, but I am a Virgo and I really seem to be kicked in the butt when Mercury retrogrades, since I am ruled by Mercury. Strange that.
But I do agree with the healing. That is true.

@Bitter- I am sorry to hear of your doggie friend, I know you have blogged about him in the past. Silly critters worm their way into your heart. You never forget them.

I just realized I feel better holding my stuffed teddy or my stuffed tiger that I've had since I was 4- and they make me feel better than the meds I take daily.

So why not have teddies? You don't get fat from the meds, you don't have any other side effects, and you get hugs, not drugs.

I think you should make one up, since you are the only person know who can draw.

susan said...

Oh I am sorry. Bitter.

Mercury is the first planet in the solar system, and wit goes into it's orbit backwards, which it does once or twice a year, it causes a lot of things to go wrong, like letters, email, fights with friends,.... they tell you not to buy anything expensive during this time that is electrical... Mercury was that Greek God with the wings on his feet, and carried around messages.

So the check you are expecting for your tax refund goes to another state and not you......

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