Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taking Care of a Sick Cat.

Who ever decided that cats can be pilled and what not, must have been a few fries short of a happy meal.

Holly has an open sore on her neck. She keeps scratching it and scratching it, and it's getting worse, bleeding, lasst night it started to puss. Pus, not puss.

The vet said to get some neosporin spray on it and some bandaids.

I bought the spray at CVS and then bought some band aids. Hello Kitty band aids. What else would you put on a baby girl cat? Dora the Explorer?

Her antics trying to get the bandaid off are worthy of a You Tube Hall of pussy cat fame- right up there with Ninja Cat and Little Sparta.

And it's keeping me up from my sleep. Poor girl.

Anyway, I close with a picture of the true definition of a House CAT.


NurseExec said...

Sorry your kitty is under the weather.

Ana said...

Hope she gets well soon.
If it was a dog I would put that thing around her neck to prevent her from scratching.
Holly... meooowww.
Nell sends you good vibes...

Anthony said...

Vets make medicating a cat sound so simple: Here, just give him these pills.
Sure. It's as though they've forgotten what a cat is and how they act. They don't like foreign objects like band-aids and they just want their FOOD. Crushed pills do not qualify.

Unfortunately, the sick animal thing is something all pet owners (actually I think the pet owns US) will have to deal with eventually. It's something we both cherish and dread.

Sandy Naiman said...

Hi Susan,

There is a spray that my vet prescribed for my dog, Riley, when he was a puppy and had a skin rash. That was five years ago. It is amazing. I've been using it every since on both my dogs for any sore or wound or scratch and the next day, that wound/sore/scratch is gone! Healed. You don't even know where it was.

I wish I knew what it was, but the label has worn off. Tomorrow, I'll phone my vet and ask him. That's the only thing that works with animals that lick. You may need some help administering it. Someone to hold Holly. I don't know much about cats, but it's not hard to administer to dogs.

I'll let you know.

Hugs to you and Holly, both!

susan said...

@Nurse Exec, thank you. It's hard to be a nurse to a cat!

@Ana, she has that thing, but she cries and cannot reach the food bowl.......

@Anthony-you are right. Pills do not count as Nom Noms......She will be ok.. I just need that sore to close up......and for her to stop scratching it.
The pet owns us. And so the thing we have to deal with eventually has been taken care of, she will be going to a lovely family if I go before she does!

@Sandy thank you! I look forward to knowing what helped Riley, Woof Woof!

Immi said...

Aw, I'm sorry Holly's not feeling well. Good vibes coming her way from me and the Hotties.

catatonickid said...

Awww, I hope she gets better soon! Can't believe they make Hello Kitty band aids, though why on earth I'd be surprised I don't know.

Lupus... LMAO. Must dig out House dvds. I miss House now.

susan said...

@Immi , thank you, and meow meow meow to the hotties....

@CK, they also make Spongebob and Dora band aids too!

I love House. I am glad someone else does too!

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