Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Housewives of NJ- rant

Tonight, Bravo TV is premiering the next installment of their "Real Housewives" franchise.

I just want to say on record, I have lived in NJ for 99 percent of my life- I've never met a woman from NJ like these....

Thank you Bravo for really really going into the stereotypes that people think of when they think of NJ. I was proud of Bruce when he sang "Nothing's better in the whole wide world/when you're in love with a Jersey girl".

I still get a lump in my throat.

But now- seeing these women on TV-it just makes me sad. Einstein spent his last years in Princeton, NJ. I wonder what he would say if he saw this show.

I don't think it would be "Pass the popcorn, darling".

Anyway, the show is free for downloading on itunes this week. Granted- it;s fun, light, mindless entertainment, perfect for the summer, to sit on the sofa with a glass of ice tea- but why oh why, can't these women live in Greenwich? It's just a very very small percentage of actual people in NJ who live like this, something I think even the lovely ladies in the show would agree.
And I want to know why there were no other cars on the parkway when they were driving on it. That never happens.

BTW, The NY Times loved it. Which don't get me wrong. I liked it too. Mindless fluff is good. I just want to say I've never met anyone in real life like these women. At least, not in NJ. Which may be a good thing. I wouldn''t think I would know what to say - after I stopped drooling at the cars and trying to figure out which designer did the clothes, the shoes and the bag and don't you love window shopping at Short Hills? (I do, but being unemployed, you cannot buy anything).


Ana said...

Have you seen Einstein's wife?
I'll search for you.
She was... a little bit ugly but it seems she liked him but he didn't.
Another series on housewives?
They don't look a bit with real world.
This is amazing!
They don't even look like her selves in real life and some of them have serious problems with their images.

susan said...

Ana, no I have never seen a picture of Einstein's wife, actually. I have seen photos of his daughter.

Most likely by the time Einstein got to NJ he would have been cursing he was too old to do anything but look, since Viagra hadn't been invented yet!

Wendy said...

My mother in law is a housewife from New Jersey!!! I've always considered the place hell....

susan said...

Wendy- actually I love NJ. It has some beautiful towns like the one I live in ,Princeton, the shore is gorgeous, AC is fun, and it has diners, and the Statute of Liberty. It has famous people, and gave is Springsteen and Sinatra, and Edison- I a can go on and on.....

It would be perfect if only House really lived here.

I think you would like the show- download it on itunes. It's fun. I just cannot imagine living in houses like that- I would need a GPS system to find my room.

Larry said...


Of course you're right, 90% of women from New Jersey (like you) don't remotely meet these stereotypes.

But it only takes a few to make a stereotype. And in all honesty, I've met women who meet it, unfortunately. ESPECIALLY in the Franklin Lakes area ...

susan said...

Larry, I have never been to Franklin Lakes. It just bothers me thinking some housewife in the mid west is watching this and thinks all the women in NJ are like this or like Carmela Soprano.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder when they pull out thousands of dollars in cash to pay for things. The furniture was $20,000 and he paid it in cash to the driver. PLEASE. They spend money in stores and always pay cash. Don't you wonder why they always have cash and only pay cash. Odd, don't you think? I do not know a single person in NJ who looks or acts this these women.

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