Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Old Gray Lady Finally Got it Right

Probably the best piece written on depression during my lifetime - besides those by A. Alvarez, and the late William Styron

Thank you New York Times.

A Journey Through Darkness

Two things I noticed, it's like the author, Daphne Merkin, has been in my shoes. Listen:

(Picture from the New York Times)

The other thing is what my friend Sherry said to me in a letter.

Did you catch the reference to "the writer I once was"? I thought of you.

Sherry you hit the nail on the head. This thing called depression- manic depression has cost me my everything. My entire life. Just not my soul- yet. I am terrified of that day.


Stephany said...

Hang in there Susan! thanks for the mom's day greeting ,I think you were typing as I was logging in to read comments!
Have a nice day

susan said...

Stephany, I hope you had a great mother's day. I really do... Maybe we were on the same wavelength- shows that great minds think alike!

Do make a cuppa tea and read the aNYT piece. She's a good writer.

Stephany said...

I will be making tea for sure, all week I've been coughing and hacking from a cold (yuck).

chicago bachelorette party said...

We can choose not to be depressed. Don't be too hard on yourself. Do you have a family? I don't but I choose (or try) to be happy.

Ana said...

I have already talked many times about Styron's "The Dark Visible".
It's really good.
Hope you're fine.

susan said...

@Chicago- yes I have a family. They are good people, but it was a bad weekend with them..... I really, really really liked your web page. You had me smiling all night long!

@Ana, it's very good, and it's such a slim book you can read it in no time at all. I hope you are fine too. I am OK....... the depression I had earlier this year seems to be lifting!

Wendy said...

When the trail of diagnosis started, and clinical depression was one of the first, Styron's "The Dark visible" was a book I carried with me everywhere - I ended up underlining the whole book. This article by Daphne Merkin took me by surprise. For a few moments there I thought she was writing my biography!!
Thanks for bringing this up Susan.

Sherry said...

Aah, but I should have expanded upon that comment. Because...the article from the "writer I once was" was incredibly well written.

My point being, don't toss that towel in just yet. She thought she would never write again and here she is, writing very well indeed.

And so it shall be with you as you persevere (which I hope I've spelled correctly).

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