Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One more thing before the New Year Comes

Just food for thought.

Two days ago, the USA saw it's largest baby ever born-coming in at 14 pounds. It was so big (how big was it?) it took 2 doctors to lift it out of it's mother's womb. And yes, it was a C section. I am in severe pain thinking pushing that baby out the other way.

On the same day the USA"s oldest person passed away at 112.

There has to be symbolism there, but it escapes me right now.


Fiddy said...

Maybe the birth was sponsored by McDonalds?

Happy New Year to you and all your readers.


Anthony said...

Here's your symbolism.

112 ounces (the dead person in years) is 7 pounds, which is the weight each doctor lifted carrying Baby Huey out of his mother's womb.

How's that?

Sandy Naiman said...


Have a good, gentle 2009. Healthy, most of all. Keep writing and inspiring us all. You are a powerful force for understanding and empathy, although you may not recognize it. Your words on this blog are so vital to so many.

Here's to a great New Year!

As for the symbolism of the biggest baby and the oldest man, it beats me, but both comments are valid. I love Anthony's mathematical musings.

Cheers to you, your readers, your family and especially the Great Striped One, Holly.


susan said...

@Fiddy, yes, that's good, or Burger King!

@Anthony, that is brilliant. Baby Huey. BMOMN!

@Sandy, thank you. and thank you for your blog as well.

susan said...

Hey Anthony,

Where does the first pregnant man fit in this equation?

Anthony said...

the first pregnant man figures into a vague definition of what constitutes a "man".

Clueless said...

Both are records about life. In my view, death is a part of life. An amazing symbolism of what life can be at both ends. Thank you for sharing the tidbits. For some reason, it has me thinking about the beauty and possibilities of life. Happy new year!!

Ana said...

Happy new year Susan!
It's already 2009 here.
What difference does it make?
Happy new year!

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