Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Personal Writing Space

I have been writing almost non stop for the last couple of days. What I have are very personal pieces and I am debating with myself to post or not to post, that is the question. While I figure this out... and do some much needed clean up on my site with the blogroll- I will be taking a day off.

The picture is my writing space- in the kitchen- with my iBook G4, You can see my second hard drive, and the cookbooks and Beanie Babies that surround it. From the window I can see a big, very old Oak tree, which in Spring and Summer houses a bird family that come back every year, building a nest and raising baby birdies. Both my cats would watch this progression, like it was number one on the "Cat TV" list. Either that or they were dreaming of of ways to serve the new born baby birds.

I will give a brand new Beanie Baby to the first reader who can tell me the applications in that photo resting on the Dock application.


Merelyme said...

applications? i can't see what you are talking about. i am the least technical person so i won't be much help there.

just stopping by to say hello and happy holidays. i will try to post some new Mew Mew photos soon. she has been one naughty kitten lately.

Immi said...

I'm definitely not in the running for figuring out any mac apps. LOL

I did want to stop by and say Merry Christmas to you and Holly from me and the Hotties, though. However belatedly.

I'm glad to hear that New Year's repost doesn't indicate your state of mind at the moment! Being creative with your writing sounds much better. If you decide you want to share, I'll be tickled to see it.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I like your workspace. My works space is messy but I like the "lived in" feeling/look/affect.

D Bunker said...

You're using Microsoft Word for Mac. That obnoxious lump of paternalistic Bloatware is enough to make Anyone want to tear their hair and howl. And NO, that's Not, a 'Mental Illness'.

hehehe. Happy New Year Susan.

susan said...

@Merelyme- Happy holidays to you too. I look forward to seeing baby Mew. Regarding the apps, get a mac, and you will be in love with your computer.

@Immi- Meowry Christmas to you and the Hotties. I hope they did not get coal in their stockings.

@Handsome- I like the lived in feeling too. It's homey. I don't like sterile houses that look like demo houses.

@D Bunker- you are right! You rock and keep on blogging the way you do. It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

How about you post your personal piece on the mad tree blog? Has Dano invited you yet? x

Surgeon in my dreams said...

Cat TV...LOL.

My dogs have a Dog TV. They sit on the back of the couch and smirk at the squirrels.

Anonymous said...

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