Monday, December 1, 2008

Around the Blogosphere-Prayers & Wishes, & Goodwin Edition

I have had a migraine most of the day, have not done anything but sleep and see the p-doc.

So I would like to mention and give a shout out to several wonderful blogs to read today, discover, and hopefully I will be back to full blogging tomorrow.

(In no particular order)

1. Philip Dawdy over at Furious Seasons, is starting a pledge drive. Try to give what you can to support this amazing writer via paypal - even a dollar or two is appreciated. Folks, I know the stock market went down the toilet today almost 700 points, but please, like I said, throw a couple of dollars his way- the price of your Starbucks.

2. It is World Aids Day. Gianna Kali, and Hymes both have written about it hauntingly, on their respective blogs.

Liz Spikol would like prayers for a friend who was seriously injured on Friday night in Philly.

4. Stan Cavers is still looking for a lawyer.

5. Dr. Goodwin, among other things, the author of the book "Manic Depressive Illness" (with Kay Jamieson) has been making a lot of news in the mental health world. For some interesting reading Philip Dawdy here, and here, and Danny Carlat have this to say, while John McManamy has this to say.

6. Fiddy over at Seroxat (Paxil) Sufferers, has an a article about his meeting with the MHRA.

7. Stephanyhas another post about her daughter, who is an inspiration to me.

8.. And lastly, Dano just put her beloved kitty, Hello Newman down, and can use hugs.

And I would like to thank the wonderful people at the Cat Blogosphere for praying for my striped kitty.

That is enough links for today.


Border Life said...

Thanks for the Goodwin links! Interesting reads. <3 BL

Gianna said...

hope your head is feeling better now...

Stephany said...

thanks susan, I hope the migraine is gone

Sherry said...

Oh Dano,
I have no way of writing to you, but want you to know how sorry I am to hear of your loss. I always find your comments interesting and insightful.

Ana said...

Hope you're better Susan.

Merelyme said...

I will head on over to see these good people. i hope you are feeling better by now.

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Susan, my dear~

I was just about to give you a ring, but I stopped by first and read this post. How incredibly kind of you to spread your caring and generous spirit to all of us!

Sherry, I thank you so much. If you can't get through to me via my blog, I can be e-mailed at

Susan, I noticed that you had donated to Philip, along with Holly. I joined you in his cause, albeit not nearly enough money!

Also, I was sent an e-mail that Philip had commented about my post on Newman. Now I know why! You clever girl, you!

I wrote about AIDS also, but was caught short, having been away from my computer for a few days. I'll pop over to the others in just a moment.

I do hope your migraine has gone. I used to get them and they are the most vile, physical, painful and literally sickening experiences. My heart goes out to you, my poppet.

Thank you for all the lovely links. I'll be busy for hours!

Immi said...

You know, Susan, it is ok to take a day off. I hope you're feeling better now. If you're not, take a break. I promise the blogosphere will be around when you feel up to blogging. I hope Holly's doing ok too - the cat bloggers will keep up the prayers as long as needed, just hope she doesn't need it and feels great. *sending hugs*

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