Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blogroll added and other changes

Well, it took long enough, but I have updated my blogroll, and added a few other things to my blog that I am very proud of.

There are links to explain how this blog came to be, and the wonderful people who inspired it. There are links to help if you have come here and are suicidal. There are fun links and links to my most favorite place in the universe, New York City.

And there is the blogroll. Every one of those links have been picked my me, there is something in each and every blog that has moved me, touched me, touched my soul. I don't agree with everything on them, but I admire these writers and enjoy reading what they have to say and hope you will too.

If there are any blogs that you know about that you think I might want to look at and consider adding, please contact me.

That is my cat's email. She is my secretary.

I pay her in Pounces.

And clean her litter box twice daily.


Ana said...

This is great what you're doing to help people who are suicidal.
You are very warm, sweet and I admire you a lot.

susan said...

Thank you Ana. I like what you are doing too, and learning a lot about the mental health system in Brazil from you.

Thank you again for the awards. I will be passing them on shortly!


jessi said...

I love the changes. The new lay-out is beautyful.

(I think Holly deserves a promotion in cuddles...!)


Sandy Naiman said...

Hi Susan,

I agree with Jessi. What a beautiful, restful new design. I'm sure it's a respite for anyone who visits and just looks, even if they can't concentrate, don't feel well enough to read every single word.

(Holly is a joy to see.)

It's wonderful that you explain the relentless spirit, the wellspring of your writing. I adore your writing!

Finally, though I am not a cat owner, but a dog owner, I share your love for animals, all animals, and thank you, profoundly, for including me on your blogroll. I feel honoured.

I'm going to link to you and especially to your "Suicide Is Not Painless" links. They are a gift and may save lives.

I sense this is a new beginning for you. I hope you continue to thrive on your journey of new beginnings.


Stephany said...
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susan said...

@ Jessi- Thank you! I like the changes too. Holly gets lots of cuddles, and she was such a good girl that today she got a teaspoon full of tuna.

@Sandi-thank you! I love to hear from journalists. I am not a dog owner, but I do like dogs too. Thank you regarding the "suicide is painless: links. Next week is Natl Suicide Prevention week in the US. I will send you the press packet I have shortly.

@Stephany, I don't know what to say, but I love you. And thank you!

Radagast said...


Yow! That's a scary tagline - who or what did you have in mind? Amusingly, somebody translated it as "those whom God wills to destroy, He first makes mad [with power?]" when Christianity wasn't around, when Euripides wrote those words (c. 450BC). I imagine the original text was in the plural.

Anyway - I just dropped by to say "hey"!


susan said...

Hi Radagast, thanks for stopping by.

I was under the impression it was "Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad". I just checked and yes, it could be with power, or it could just be plain mad, which is how I interpreted it......

I never thought about mad with power. I wonder if I should change it.

Radagast said...

Yeah, no worries.

My Latin (and it is written in Latin, even though Euripides was Greek!), is spectacularly sketchy, these days, and I can barely remember my verb endings, but their are subtle nuances of meaning, which can be lost in translation. Thus "dementat," with its third person, singular vb. ending, in the present tense, could be translated as "he/she/it dements," but more acceptable english is "makes mad" (which could mean "makes angry") or "drives mad," (which could just mean "really irritates, as in "you're driving me mad"").

And who's to say that in Euripides' day, "dementat" didn't have the very precise meaning that is suggested ("mad with power")? Words are such tricky things: we can't ever really know what Euripides meant, because we're not him. We're not even one of his peers, such that we could understand the influences of the time.

Anyway, perhaps it is divine justice to have somebody believe that they are vastly powerful, when they are no better than anybody else. I can't help but call JP Garnier to mind...


jessi said...

Hmm... Nice quote. "Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad".

My own idea is that it's very healing - to me personally, that is - to refuse to believe God should ever want to destroy anyone... - OR make them mad!

Hey Susan... you and I (and probably the rest of us here) are not mad. It's all the others....



Larry said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Susan. I meant it then, and still do.

I'm sorry your birthday didn't end well. But as long as you can sleep tonight, remember the positive -- it was the best birthday you've had in a long time.

And for at least that, I am grateful, my friend.

Anonymous said...

looks good.


Marissa Miller said...

Ah, I too love NYC. I wish I could live there again but my husband hates all the hustle and bustle. That and he hates mass transit and prefers to DRIVE everywhere. :P

AA said...

Wow, thanks for adding my site to your blogroll! I guess now someone has noticed that I exist I'll have to actually start writing stuff. (Oh woe is me!)

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