Saturday, August 9, 2008

Adult content blocker added, an explanation

It was brought to my attention several underaged pre-teens have accessed this blog in the last couple of days.

The goal of this blog is help understand what goes on in a bipolar's mind when they are up and down. ALL that goes on in their head, the good bad and the very ugly.

Take no prisoners. Save a life.

I realize some of what I write is tough, graphic and raw. It is supposed to be. If it was just an occasional F bomb every now and then, I would leave it up, erasing it is as futile as Holden Caulfield's efforts to wipe that word off the bathroom wall.

But some of what I write, a graphic description of a failed attempt, the musings that come at the dark night of the soul,, they aren't for pre-teens. They aren't even for some adults!

If you want a site that gives technical terms on bipolar, there are a lot of good ones out there. PM me and I will send you a list.
If you want a medically orientated site explaining meds there are a lot of good ones out there. I don't know enough about pharmacology to write such a blog.

My blog was designed to help me in my recovery, to help me get back on my feet and live the life I was meant to live.

If anyone has problems with the adult filter added, kindly leave your comments below of PM me.


Larry said...

You're right, a lot of what we experience (and, alas, you personally have experienced) is NC-17 stuff.

Though for the record, while I think it's WAY overdiagnosed, I also think there are PG-13 types who do truly have bipolar.

Ana Luíza said...

"Content Warning

Some readers may find the content of this blog objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

I understand and I wish to continue

I do not wish to continue

Home | About | Buzz | Help | Discuss | Language | Developers | Gear
Terms of Service | Privacy | Content Policy | © 1999 – 2008 Google

What on earth is this?

Ana Luíza said...

This is the page I was linked when I've click your blog's link.

I had to click on the "I understand and I wish to continue"

Ar you writing X rated stories; inciting evil behavior; self injury... or what?
Why have you wrote this post?
Have you received any advice from Google that your blog is considered "objectionable" by some readers?

I'll search for all you've wrote.
Perhaps you're a psychopath that is pretending to be a bipolar...
People simply cannot deal with truth and... reality.
Be strong Susan.
Don't let these people let you down.

susan said...

Hi Ana and Larry.

It was my choice to add the adult blocker. I realize I have some adult themes on here, like I said, a graphic description of what happens after a suicide attempt, drinking, and some pretty graphic sexual material. In fact I am sitting on a piece about sexual abuse that would make Penthouse blush.

The few mommy genes I have in me kicked in and felt due to this fact, especially the sexual stuff, it's best to put the filter on.

I hope that explains what I did, and hopefully I won't loose any readership.

Larry, you are right about PG-13 types and bipolar. It's just -well, there are other sites that explain it a lot better with less graphic detail and wording.

I love Joyce. I love Lawrence. But I don't want a ten year old to read them.

Jorgo said...

Well done Susan for putting it out there - it gives me some appreciation of what you face.

While it is your soul in turmoil, it helps me to see you more clearly.

Best regards,


jessi said...

"I understand and I wish to continue".

I understand your choice, Susan.


Ana Luíza said...

I understood.
Molly's stream of consciousness at the end of Ulysses is really quite X-rated.
And what about Joyce's letters to Nora?
But teens nowadays are exposed to so many violent and sexual contempt!
Some 12 years old here just look like women and have a way of living that I could not even dream when I was this age.
I was a child!
We will not stop reading you.
But now I'll have to search for the x-rated posts. (kidding!)

susan said...

Hugh, thank you. Glad you liked my blog. I liked yours too.

Thank you Jessi!

Ana, thank you. I love Molly Bloom. I forgot about his letters to Nora until you reminded me. Yeah, that is pretty hard core. But beautiful.

Did you know their daughter Lucia was schizophrenic?

Ana Luíza said...

Yes! I know about his daughter Lucia.
There was even some people claiming that HE was also schizophrenics.
Because of the language creativity.
You know about the way some schizophrenics has the skill to play with words or even invent their own words...
Some decades ago some people claimed that genetically it was usual that the daddy would be responsible for the female schizophrenia and the mother for the son.
You must have already seen those lists where they put famous people who are already dead diagnosed with a mental disease.
It pisses me off.
It very common to see the same name on different lists:
Bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, epileptic was already been the "diagnose" for Van Gogh.
Yesterday I saw a book that a Brazilian journalist wrote about her bipolarity.
But she took Lamictal and is fine! Great! Totally controlled.
The book is clearly propaganda and she must have received a good amount of money.
There it was the Hall of Shame, I mean... the Hall of Fame!
Marilyn Monroe was bipolar... lol
Did you know that?
Unfortunately she forgot to say if she was bipolar 1, 2 3, 4 5, 810...
You have no idea how only the pharmaceutical industry has the word here.
I'll write about this book on a post.
It's really sad to have to talk about it. But I have to.
The last book I've hear about:
"I take antidepressant. Thanks the Lord!"

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