Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hour Of Lead

Been ultra rapid cycling the last day, and slept finally for 2 hours last night That is 2 and a half hours in 2 days.

I am no longer hypomanic and all that entails.

I have crashed to bottom, but I am not at rock bottom. I haven't gotten to existential-yet. I don't want a repeat of this year, my own anno horribilis.

I wrote 16 entries yesterday for this blog. I am sitting on them, wondering if they are good or just products from a manic mind. The thoughts yesterday were coming faster than I can type, and I can type 50 wpm.

Holly the wonderful cat, or my own personal therapy cat has been watching me carefully. She refuses to leave my side unless it's to use her box, or put her face in her food bow. I feel blessed. And her purr is extra loud, like she knows I need to hear it and in my own depression my senses have dulled. So the purr gets extra loud.

It's my hour of lead. I will be OK once my brain quiets down an I can let go.


jessi said...

I love how your cat is by your side. She's so understanding!

Looking forward to your sharing some of what you wrote.

Please take good care of you and Holly, don't forget to pet her

love, jessi

Ana said...

I didn't know you have another Blog.
It's good to type fast, isn't it?
I've learned at the age of 13 years old on the old typewriter.]
So I type very fast too with all fingers without needing to look at the keyboard.
I hate having to handwrite even a phone number and a name.

susan said...

Ana,thank you for catching that. I have a blog on Mood Garden, but it's a happy thing and I don't blog on it frequently.

I meant the stories were for here, not there.

I really need sleep!

Jessi, is still by my side right now, but wants to play. I just gave her a pet for you.

Larry said...

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