Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can you really take the cat out of the jungle?

It's been awhile since I wrote, I just have been too depressed to write. I still am, but thought I would share this lovely moment with you all.

Just watching the sun come up.

Holly is watching the sun too, but she is more entranced by the birdie on the window sill....

Imagining if it should be fried, baked, roasted, under glass, BBQ'ed....You get the idea.

Silly cat. You can take the cat out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the cat.

I am so glad there is 2 panes of glass separating cat from bird. The bird doesn't know how lucky it is.

That's all I got right now. I wish I had a pithy, erudite post instead.. I just am too depressed to write, and cannot write. But I do send love to all who will read this. May your day be has happy as the cat is right now watching the bird, and dreaming. Or as lucky as the bird is, knowing it won't wind up as pussy cat dinner.


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

have to take your little moments of joy where you can find them.

i hope you are feeling better soon.

Larry said...

It's amazing how cats and dogs aren't that far removed from being lions and tigers and wolves.

My little miniature dachshund Schumie decided to go Cujo yesterday on a golden retriever and a Great Dane. TOGETHER.

Fortunately, the big dogs in question were as sheepish as their famous pop culture analogs, Marley and Scooby Doo, or I might have been arrested for dogfighting a la Michael Vick.

(Of course, dachshunds were bred in Germany to hunt badgers, no easy quarry ...)

Keep Holly close, Susan :-)

Ana said...


Polar Bear said...

Wouldn't life be better if we were cats?

susan said...

@Mom- Mom! I missed you, glad to see you. You just made my day. I am doing a bit better. It's an on going process, isn't it?

@Larry, yes I am amazed at how much cats and dogs are like lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! I hope Schumie is no worse for the wear and the big dogs won't mess with him.

@ ;-) back!

@Polar Bear- Yes Yes Yes.

Stephany said...
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Raspberry said...

That's lovely!

As NVAM said, take moments of joy where you can find them xXx

susan said...

@Stephany- (((((KODA))))) Woof! Woof!
Be a good doggie and take good care of your human. She is a very special person and means a lot to us here.

@Raspberry, thank you. We will both get through our bad patch together! Hang in there girl!

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