Thursday, July 22, 2010

Perfect Peaceful Day

My alarm clock went off at 5 am, which in itself is unusual. It's normally set to the news radio station out of NYC- not the one affiliated with the company I worked for, but the other one- the one that gives "traffic on the eights". My ears heard strains of "Magical Mystery Tour" as my arm hit the sleep button. Through the sleep miasma I thought, "oh my gosh, something happened to Ringo or Paul". But no. It was an ad for a Casino I think.

Keeping up with the theme- I lumbered off for coffee and saw the Magical Mystery Cat had left a perfect hair ball on the old computer. Lovely.

I am feeling so much better. The pdoc gave me a script for Ambien, and I am actually sleeping. Not a lot, but five hours a night is better than no hours. The air conditioning is working a bit better. Amazing what happens when you hit it. And... a miracle happened.

I want to thank long time reader Stan, who used his journalistic skills conjouring up "Deep Penguin" to find out what I have been unable to find for over two months - namely my friend is alive. I guess he was just AWOL. Maybe, actually that is the reason I have been able to sleep. I cannot recall a time I cried in happiness in a very very long time.

Stan, you and I don't agree with everything, (but I don't agree with everyone-) but you are a good person to do this for me, and I respect how you take care of your loved ones in real life, and I have nothing but honor and respect for that. Family is big in my book, whether it's human or in fur.

So I give you this award, which was given to me by Merelyme years ago. I never got around to giving it out to anyone, but please, you deserve it. You and your Deep Penguin journo source.

And now, I am logging off the computer. I am going to have a perfect day. Go for a ride. Visit the Apple store and see an Ipad. Lust after it. Try on some clothing since I've dropped 20 pounds, and back to my weight I was at Christmas. Have a slice of pizza at the Mall. Maybe see a movie. Have a perfect day.

Holly's Magical Mystery Tour


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear your friend is alive! You must be so relieved.

Enjoy your perfect day.

Wishing you well,

Kristin said...

Yeah! I love a perfect day! And, Susan, you deserve one just about now.
I am so happy for you that you located your friend.
Also, thank you for your in-depth post on Whitaker being un-asked to participate in the conference.
I hope things continue to improve for you,
xx kris

Stephany said...

I'm glad to know Pete is OK too!

Re: Whitaker...Pam Hyde, the director of SAMHSA is going to be the keynote speaker, at least that's what the online program says.

Stan's blog has a great You Tube up of Pam Hyde talking about recovery--and note that she is pro-med recovery, which leads me to believe this is a government censorship of Whitaker and his book---little does Hyde know, that recovery happens OFF meds too....and she did a crappy job running the housing for mental health in Seattle to boot.

WRITE HER LETTERS and demand they allow Whitaker to speak!

David Stein said...

That is great news! I hope you enjoy your perfect day you deserve it! And have fun looking at the iPads, I have been wanting one for months, but being a starving grad student I cannot afford one :(


Stephany said...

OMG, thanks Susan! look at my blog.

Stan said...

Thank you for the award Susan.

And yes we disagree on

now tend to those tomato plants before I have to read a black thumb post in the near future.......

By the way, 12 year old single malt McCallan Scotch and Cuban Monte' Christo #2 cigars will be graciously accepted in lieu of awards....

susan said...

Stan- seeing I am a friend of Bill W- I try not to give out anything alcoholic.

I have a list of great cigars from PD- those are not on it, I will add to since every male I know besides my dad smokes cigars and Christmas is coming.

As far as I know- our only disagreement is over canines versus felines. But you have an amazing canine. I hope my therapy dog will be half as cool...
when ever I get him..... or her. ( I personally like girl animals.... is that OK).

Anonymous said...

Happy perfect day to you, Susan! I hope it was fantastic. :)


Syd said...

Sounds like a happy day. I like my iPad a lot.

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