Friday, July 23, 2010

An Amazing Woman and a Walk for Cancer

According to Nick TV, today is National Sister's Day. I only have on sister- and even though she and I are like "chalk and cheese", I do love her very very much. She is an amazing strong person, who works in the city and has a scientific brain,something I don't have, mine is more literary. I wish I  was more like her.

She went on a 3 day walk next month for cancer-, on of those Susan Komen walks. 60 miles, 3 days, in a state more than half way across the country with some of her friends. I am so proud of her. I sponsored her a bit-  the walk was a month ago, but you can still contribute to her team if you like, or a team near you. Or make up your own team for next year.

I don't always say I love my sister, we fight more than we get along, but I do love her. I know if you looked up sibling rivalry in the dictionary, you would see our faces. But still, I cannot imagine anyone else as a sister than you.  She was my first friend, I ever had, and despite what I said, the best day in my life was the day mom and dad brought you home instead of a puppy. Happy Sister's Day.

And Happy Sister's Day to everyone's sisters.

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Syd said...

Nice that she walked for the breast cancer cause. She sounds like she is quite courageous.

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