Monday, July 21, 2008

Quos Deus Vult Perdere Prius Demantat

3 days now and no sleep. Too hot to sleep comfortably. Lying in bed listening to the radio and thoughts race too quickly to make sense. No one is emailing me back to my earlier emails. Am I making sense or have I started babbling like an idiot, and like an idiot, turning manic, I am alienating my friends and the people I love.

Too late to call anyone. Too early to call others.

My thoughts are turning blacker and blacker, I tell myself it's a fever from a heat obsessed brain. You need to get some sleep and you will be better.

My rational self tells me your thoughts always turn black before your birthday. Get some sleep and it won't seem so black.

But sleep still alludes me.

The cat sleeps on the sofa, the heat doesn't bother her. She turns a paw in the air at an imaginary bird, and settles back down again.

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