Monday, July 28, 2008

Depression in other languages, inspirational

The German word for depression is schwermut, which literally means heavy courage. I'm not sure how that word came to be used in that way, but I believe it is appropriate.


jessi said...

The Dutch word is 'depressie', but we also have the word 'zwaarmoedig'. Which could be translated like the German word. Except that the word 'moed' or 'mut' in German too I think, can also be linked to 'mind'.
Another word is 'neerslachtig', often used to desbribe depression. I suppose it could be translated as 'down falling' or something like that.

The contrary of it is 'opgewekt'. Which could be translated as 'resurrected'! Or 'woken up'.

Language, hmm...


Bob said...

Heavy Courage, I like that. It reminds me of what my wife tells me. "Don't ever forget the battles you have won, for they define courage that most people will never obtain."

Susan always remeber the battle you have won.


Polar Bear said...

Heavy - yes. Courage? I don't know.

It feels like heavy cowardice maybe. Sorry I don't mean to offend others who have depression, but often I feel I am more a coward than someone with courage.

Larry Parker said...

Ever the linguist ... and ever appropriate.

Marissa Miller said...

polar bear,

If one is still alive and struggling with depression, that's "heavy courage." If one commits suicide, I think that's more "heavy cowardice."

*my two cents*

susan said...

Polar Bear, this illness takes no prisoners. We've all debated the whole "To Be or not to be" question, and thought of going into that good night.

But Marissa is right, that is the easy way out. It's our brains playing tricks that it won't ever get better.

It does get better. I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and make you feel better my friend.

But I cannot. Just keep hanging in there, keep blogging and like your namesake Polar Bear,

stay comfortable and cool near lots of ice.

Your friend,


Sandy Naiman said...

Hi Susan,

What lovely literary allusions you thread through your posts. I love them. Sorry I've not been around much this week, but I've been working on a challenging assignment for my blog.

Tomorrow, I'm going to write something funny and frivolous.

I enjoy coming here and I like your acolytes ... you have quite an erudite following.

Take care and sweet dreams, please. I wish you soft, cushiony, calming and healing sleep. And I'll send good thoughts in your direction.


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