Saturday, July 19, 2008

Apparently now I am a Cougar

Dinner care of take out of Chicken Holiday. Too hot to cook. Too hot to do anything.

Ordered and waited around drinking a diet Dr. Pepper. The owner and I were talking like we always do, and the young kid behind the cooker turned and whistled at me.

The owner, Bruno, gave him a piercing look, and the kid said to his boss, "Hey Cougars find me irresistible. Wanna see?"

Meanwhile he kept staring at me. Then he says "Real or silicone?"

I'm hot and cranky, I've been writing all day since I got home from 2 hours at the gym. I go to wise acre mode and say "Why don't you touch and figure it out for yourself"

He cannot return on my comment and then says. "Cougars. I love them".

I pay for my food and tell Bruno- I am not a Cougar.

He asks me if I was in High School when the movie "Saturday Night Fever" came out.

I reply I was.

"You're a Cougar", he says.

i go home with my dinner, and look in the bathroom mirror as I rearrange my hair in it's scrunchie. I still see myself as I was at 23, just a few white hairs you can hardly see. Figure is turning amazing, thanks to daily work outs at the gym, which I must do or my muscles will atrophy. The other day in Stop and Shop some guy was staring at me and I said "take a picture, it will last longer". I am in the best physical shape I have been in since I was 23. I don't feel old. Yet I know I have a birthday upcoming. But I don't feel old!

Driving home, the radio station was playing "Dangerous Type". I loved that song, one of my friends back then said it personified me. Then I realized it came out almost 30 years ago.

Maybe I really am a Cougar.

I suppose there are worse things for a gal to be.

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