Saturday, July 26, 2008

Been sleeping

thank you all for your concern.

I have been able to get an average of ten hours each night for the last two nights.

Cycling down from mania to extreme depression, but I will be OK.

The old black dog has nothing on me this time.


jessi said...

Dear Susan, I've been reading your entries since you returned. I'm so very sorry to read all that you have been through. Wow.

You sure, by now, have many experiences not many other people have...

I admire you for going through it all.

Hoping things will keep getting better for you.
You have my e-mail adress, feel free to mail me if you want to.

Sending you love and big hugs,


susan said...


Dear heart, have I missed you!

Polar Bear said...

I've been reading through your previous posts, and I just want to respond to the one you posted a few days ago - "When I was first diagnosed".

I have had similar experiences - not exactly the same, but the loss of jobs/relationships because of mental illness is something I can relate to. My heart goes out to you about your boyfriend at the time leaving you when you most needed him. I know what it's like lying in bed in the middle of the night alone - wanting so much to be touched. Lately it's something that's on my mind a lot. The loneliness of being alone - it's eating me up.

susan said...

Polar Bear,

I totally understand and I am sorry you have experienced the same thing.

I am just reading your blog now and enjoying it immensely.


Bob said...

I sit here and read your posts. They touch me with memories from my own life. Though I know others go through the same thing, I feel alone. I see others with the same pain and I can not help them. As I look up from the bottomless pit that is my life now, I want to stop all others from falling into this black space. The best I can do is to hope and pray that no one else falls into this pit.

I hope that the down cycle is of a short duration.


susan said...

Thank you Bob!

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