Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dona Noblis Pacem

November 5, 2009

The Peace Globe Gallery

Today, a group of bloggers have decided that today, November 5, 2009 is a blogblast for peace. It is a beautiful thought. I thought of a poster every teenager I knew had over their beds when I was a child. It went like this...

And then all of a sudden, this afternoon, I run out to get some milk, refills on prescriptions, and some nom noms for the cat- and come home. What do I see? In my mail box, "urgent news alerts" from major news organizations, Video news, Print news, American news, International news. All saying the same thing.

"Soldiers open fire at Fort Hood (Texas), 12 killed,  31 wounded."  This could be the biggest massacre the state of Texas has seen since Charles Whitman opened fire at UT-Austin and killed 14 and wounded 32.  The counts are still coming in and it will most likely be slightly higher as the night wears on, and more news is known. Right now they are saying the shooters are other Army soldiers, this might be from Post Traumatic Stress. Take the scene from "Full Metal Jacket"   where Private "Pyle" guns down his Sergeant with his gun, Charlene (that scene still gives me goosebumps), by ten or more soldiers, and you get the idea.

I am not the sharpest bulb in the drawer, but I know so many people who have family serving in this war, or who did serve in previous wars. My dad is a Veteran. But somewhere along the line, when my dad came marching home, and the next generation came marching home, people stopped, or seem to stop caring for Johnny and Janey. Medical help like M*A*S*H units were able to save soldiers and civilians where in previous battles they would have most likely died from their wounds.   Johnny might have gotten his gun, but came home this time, with broken bodies, slowly healing, and broken brains that needed healing.

Just like the intersection in town that claims two or three people a year from car accidents, nothing is done for years until either a very cute child or prominent citizen is killed there. Then it gets the traffic light.

It's time for the traffic light now. It's world peace day, and if it was possible, there wouldn't be anymore wars, people wouldn't judge others by their race or creed or religion and children wouldn't go to bed hungry or have people in their lives who abuse them. I don't know the answers, I just wish we all had that poster on all of our beds.

Peace to those who were murdered today and their families. Peace to us all.


George said...

Hi Susan. Nice to see you blogging again. I'd like to hear from you, I've been wondering how your doing, but caught up in my own bullshit. Send me an email when you can.

health care said...

Yup... the situation, a burdening one as arrives when its really mandatory to get caught yourself into the war will be the drastic one but until and unless it doesn't arrives, why the people don't leave their attitude towards war... War is bad and even a small child could understand then what had happened to the matures? why didn't these people got this?

Southernbelle said...

Amen to everything you said!! Love to you and beautiful Holly-Cat!! :-)

Mark p.s.2 said...

"people wouldn't judge others by their race or creed or religion"
Judging other humans who are different as "bad" is a leftover from our (homo sapien) monkey days, where we needed to protect our territory from the other monkeys.

Animals such as dogs, cats, squirrels still do this judging of other animals on their land to defend-protect their territory.
Without territory to protect (using racism), who are you? (a not-strong, weakling:joke)

Humans advanced to religious differences and other non-visible differences as a reason to hate.
But we are still animals.

Lap Band said...

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susan said...

@Hi George, did so. Talk to you soon buddy.

@Health Care- I don't know. Story still is breaking and for my own personal health, I turned off the TV and radio last night and just read.....

@Hello SB, thank you for stopping by. Meows and purrs to you.

@Mark, I think I was writing from the top of my head, also looking at the sleeping cat when I made that analogy. What I should have said, and you got, is that animals don't kill from hate. If my cat girl got outside, she would most likely bring home a birdie trophy or squirrel trophy which would make me sad, incredibly sad, but it was just her feline nature. I am glad the only thing she stalks here are my ankles.

Lili said...

Peace to you too as well. A change in mass consciousness is definitely needed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan -

I suspect that the doctor had his own war going on inside his head. I feel for his family, too.

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

Melissa said...

cute kid or prominent person. sooooo true. and so sad it came to this.

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