Monday, November 30, 2009

Best real shows on TV start tonight

There is a family crisis small, but time consuming. - which is why I haven't been blogging. That and a yearly turkey coma.

I just want to inform all out there - that A&E channel will be starting two new seasons tonight. That of Intervention, and Hoarders. I cannot say enough for these two shows- both are fascinating, and worth a view, or a place on your Tivo if you cannot watch them. Both are graphic, raw accounts of mental illness, those who are addicted to something, either drugs, alcohol, or have eating disorders, or a combination.... and those who cannot stop collecting things. (Follow the above hyperlinks for archived shows on line)

On a lighter side, for those who have the cable channel and cannot wait til January 29, for Fox to air the US version, the UK version of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares starts on December 2, on the BBC America channel. ( I love watching Gordon Ramsay for some reason).

And just for fun- the NFL announced the half time show for the next Super Bowl will be The Who. It's like, I don't care who is in the game this year, let me watch the half time show in peace!

Hopefully back soon.


Wendy said...

I LOVE the Intervention show. Many people have said how depressing it, but I find it almost the opposite - I find it uplifting that people will get together and help the ones they love so much. Most of the time there is a positive outcome and the change in the people is amazing. It gives me hope!
Hoarders is much harder - I have yet to see one show that comes out with anything of significant changing in the life of the hoarder. Hoarding seems to be much more difficult to treat and support than addiction. Maybe there has been more emphasis on addiction, but the life of the hoarders seems just heartbreaking to me - especially when it seems so simple - throw all that shit out!!! Which is not the problem at all... Thanks for reminding me Susan!

sallyo said...

The shows sound interesting.
Hope your crisis resolves itself soon.

Ana said...

We have A&E and I used to see Intervention.
I'm not sure about the other.
Once I saw a woman who was addicted to Vicodin.
She did everything a drug addict do to get the "medicine".
It's a good show.
Thanks for sharing.

Anthony said...

I've seen that "Intervention" show quite a few times. It always makes me feel better about myself. I also think that, with such a supposedly 'loving' family, how did the addict spiral downward? As with a lot of things, it took some catastrophic event or sudden glimpse of the condition for them to snap into action. As if, "Gee, cousin Joe is 400 pounds! He's gotta lose weight!" Where were they when he was 275?

The "Hoarders" one I haven't seen. I knew someone who used to refuse to throw newspapers away. She had a house full (literally) of old newspapers stacked up all over in some sort of psychotic filing system. I always wanted to break-in and put them all in a big truck and take them to the recycling center.

Fortunately, I'm neither an addict nor pack rat.

susan said...

I should have mentioned- I do love these shows because it gives me hope and keeps me grounded in my own recovery.

Regarding "Hoarders" - under no circumstances should any one who loves animals- dogs or cats = watch the one about the woman who hoarded cats....It does not end happily for most of the cats.

Sally, the crisis is OK- family members are getting old- elderly- and require a bit more care than they use to......

Syd said...

Hope that the crisis isn't too hard. I hardly ever watch TV. I guess that I would rather read.

Tom said...

Intervention is pretty incredible. It's one of the few reality TV shows I can stomach. They do such a great job getting you to really feel what the person is going through.

Great post!

susan said...

Thank you Tom. Great blog you have, I have a thing for pandas......

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