Thursday, March 13, 2008

This time the depression is different

This time my depression is different. I cannot think, I am afraid of most things. Like driving.Easting. i have not eaten anything but milk in a week.

I cannot tell anyone I don';t want to go into the hospital.

I use to be so happy, things didn't n=bother me. Now I cannot even type. hunt and peck,

I spoke to my pdoc yesterday. Despite having a coffee cup that said "Seroquel" on it, she listened to me, All this is from the /geodon. Heart palpatatons and high blood pressure.

Sleep is a release.

I cannot sleep, I need to write. I cannot write,

Is this really life??


paul maurice martin said...

Hope you're getting competent help with this -

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help out? Can your mom stay with you for a while?

jessi said...

Sounds to me like hospital may be a better place than where you are now. I too would want to ask if someone could stay with you, or if you could stay with someone.

Susan, please do open up to others about where you are at and about your feelings. I mean this. If it´s hospital, than it´s hospital. It´s not the end of the world. Your situation sounds like it´s terrible and SOMETHING needs to be done.

Love, jessi

Mark said...

Jessi, you ever do time in jail? no? then STFU.

justana said...

Hope you're fine!

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