Sunday, March 9, 2008

high anxiety

Does anyone suffer from high anxiety? Not the movie, but the actual thing?

Can you give me any tips?

Thank you


jessi said...

Hi Susan, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so depressed. Don't worry about not being able to write, I am not minding it, just feeling concern, I'm reading your blog to know how you are doing and trying to offer some support (is that okay?!) meanwhile truly enjoying and being inspired by the longer pieces you write.

As for anxiety, the best thing I can say is to just sit down a few times a day and take long, deep, quiet breaths. Do it at least four to five times a day. It may not feel pleasant or bring relief right away but if you make a habit of it it does help.

Sending you love and good thoughts,


Mark said...

"High Anxiety" with Mel Brooks is a great comedic film. Very few comics are brave enough to laugh at psychiatry.

Mark said...

I wrote in my blog, buy a stethoscope for home use. Listen to your own heartbeat.
In public you can use the old everyone is naked under their cloths.

susan said...

I like the stethoscope Idea. Mark, glad you liked High Anxiety too.

Jessi, as always you amaze me.

Thank you

susan said...

mark, I cannot find your blog.

Mark said...

"can't find your blog"
This seems strange to me. Could you explain what happened?
is my blog

my old blog was

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