Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting off Seroquel

It continues to be heck as I get off this Seroquel. I;m sleeping 20 hour days!!!!!

I have a bowl of Corn Flakes and back to sleep. MY stomach feels funny,

And for the record-my parents would do anything for me, as well as other family members. I just want them to experience my life in my eyes for 24 hours. So I don't hear the various platitudes I hear. But I know they love me with every fibre of their being, as do I.

My mom has been a real doll. She knows I am too sick to drive, so shes been picking me up and taking me to the grocery store, docs appts, etc. etc.

Now,. a very nice Seroquel nap is calling me..

1 comment:

jessi said...

Very glad to read those comments Susan. It's good to hear your family helps you take care of you at the moment. I'd like to say some more but I have my own sleep to catch up on right now!

Sending you love as always, jessi

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