Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Update Written By Holly The Wonder Cat

Dear -

It's Holly.

Mom is not doing well from her lithium and other med cocktail. (Abilify, Rispardal, Topamax, Trileptal) I am glad I am only on catnip. The weather went up to 104 degrees F, we are on the top floor so it got over 110 at one point, and mom was just too hot. She tried cooling off in the bath tub with ice cold water but that didn't work as long as she wanted, so she was just walking around with her flip flops so she didn't step on any of my mousies. Then she tried to lie in bed and got really sick. Sick to her tummy, started to shake, grabbed the bucket and started to sweat really bad. And shake. She could barely hold the bucket.

But what scared her and this is why she called you because she couldn't call grandma- is mom started seeing bugs. Not like Mr. Bunny, but the creepy crawly kind. And she thought they were on her skin, and were creeping up all over her.

I can tell you, I have never seen a flea. So it's not fleas. Mom is scratching herself raw, going in the bathtub in the oatmeal bath, just crying absolutely miserable. When she closes her eyes she sees bugs. And she is sweating and shaking and keeps the bucket next to her.

She looks this up on the internet, and finds out it's a rare side effect from her meds. This is the second time it's happened to her, but it happens from the heat. Her skin is on fire. And she won't let me touch her, or lie next to her. I have to snuggle a few inches away from her. If my fur touches her skin, she literally cries. She is still drinking her water, but her urine is coming out black this afternoon, and she is crying in pain, doubled up when she is trying to pee.

Not like me. I use the box like a trooper. I am a good kitty.

She has to get a lot of water in her today, and it has to stay down, and she needs to pee normal and not see any bugs, and stop scratching. I know she needs/wants to changing the bedding, it soaked through with sweat. I hope she has a better day.

We are sorry we bothered you last night, I was just scared for mom, I really didn't know who else to call. I wish you lived closer so you could have come over with some fish and we could have tried to feed mom and I could have eaten off your plates. When mom feels better can you come over and we can rent a movie and the three of us can chillax? And I can show you my new catnip duckie.

I love you very much, you are a good human bean.

Your friend Holly.


Andrew said...

Dear Holly,

Please give mom my love. It is all I can do from so far away.



susan said...

I will! And I am sending you a head bonk!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Dear Holly,
I hope that Mom cools off tonight. Please help her as much as you can. Thank you for calling someone.

I wish there were more I can do...


Radagast said...


There's a river near you, isn't there? Can you tell me about it?


susan said...

Matt, it's a LAKE! It's Carnegie Lake made by Andrew Carnegie- you can see it on the opening of "House" where the Princeton Crew team and the US Olympic Rowing team practice. Mom learned to ice skate there before global warming, when the lake would freeze when she was little. They stock it full of trout every April and mom has a fishing pole and if I am a good kitty she will bring me back a trout and gut it and fry it up for me!

Radagast said...

I thought so. We know things, Holly, you and I!.. The song that popped into my head when I read your post was "The Cool Cool River," by Paul Simon. I was going to ask you what kind of fish were in there, but you were ahead of me!

Tell me, I was wondering if cats understand the concept of bravery, given that they don't appear to have a concept of fear - my tiger's not afraid of anything, anyway, not even humans with weapons. I understand why native American cultures have animal totems, I think.


susan said...

South American cultures also had animal totems- especially big cats like jaguars on their pyramids.

Radagast said...

Yes, I suppose to be fair there are quite a few cultures that have viewed animals as something other than food, tools and trophies. Funny: in order to justify their slaughter, the Spanish argued that the "indians" of the New World were savages; little more than animals.

LOL. I was going to write that we shouldn't judge those who have acted in the past by today's standards, but then today's standards aren't so very different - we still manage to find "civilized" explanations for our atrocities. Why do those who do (or order), violence think that they are demonstrating anything other than fear?


Jennifer, aka beautiful mind, complex life said...

Dear Holly,

I thought I was the only cat who wrote to peoples on the internets! Wow, too bad you are not a guy, I would really be ready to grace you with my presence (provided you can supply me with endless Temptations treats for life). But, alas, I see you are a female like me.

My human Mom goes through times when she doesn't know how to put things into words, so she lets me use the 'puter. I don't really understand why I can't use it all the time, since I am a princess, after all, but it seems everybody needs to be reminded frequently of my royal status, or the do not serve me well as any human should.

Tell your human mom that things will get better, because, of course, whenever they seem like they can't get worse, there is only one direction to go in from there - up, up, up. And keep her company even if you have to keep your distance; she will probably appreciate your presence (or she should, anyway, as you are a feline princess like myself). Remind her to feed you on time and get you some treats during her next trip out into the world, because sometimes humans have to be reminded that, just like we are obviously important to them (of course!), they are important to us too.

Also, I really enjoyed reading your post and it is delightful to know there is another cat taking care of a mom with an illness out there in the world. I don't know what these peoples would do without us!

As you were.

Your Grace,

Princess Spooky writing under my human's name, Jennifer

susan said...

Princess Spooky, YOu are one awesome cat. I bow in honor of you, and pass you the tuna.

Syd said...

Holly, take care of your mom by being a good girl. She loves you but is having a hard time. Give her your purrs. Sometimes we each need them. I'm having a sad day here. Your mom will understand.

Anonymous said...


I hope your mom feels better soon. It sounds like she is in a lot of pain and she has my deepest sympathies. If it's any consolation, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things start to turn around and mom feels better.


susan said...

Dear Syd,
I am sorry you are having a bad day. We haven't been to your blog in a week and mean to. We look up to you so much, and it makes us sad. Is there anything we can do?

wonder woman said...

Holly - wish someone was there to help. I know it is beyond horrible, but I also know your mom is very, very strong.

I'm lighting a candle for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,

Please let your mom know that I am thinking of her and sending her hugs. I am glad that you called someone to help. What a good kitty you are!

Tailwags (do kitties like tailwags?),

susan said...


Kitties like tailwags. Well, this kitty does. Meow meow, head bonks, and purrrs!

PTSD, A Caregiver's Perspective said...

Just found your blog while looking for blogs on depression. I am a full-time caregiver to a disabled OIF veteran who suffers from complex PTSD and TBI.

He does battle with depression every day, and though he has not surrendered any new ground to the demon yet, he is starting to get battle weary.

All I can do is be there for him. I have no idea what he went through in Iraq. His PTSD is "complex" because he was also the survivor of child abuse, both sexual and physical.

I look forward to reading more of your posts so I can get up to speed.

You write beautifully by the way.


susan said...

Thank you Dominca. I am flattered .It helps for the times where all I have to keep on going is the blog and the silly cat.

Stephi said...

Dear Holly,

Just having a catch up on your mom's blog today. My message tonight on my own blog was "Fighting the good fight". I have to say Holly that I admire your Mom so much because she is fighting the good fight. Her experiences make me feel like I can really get better even though I'm really sick now.

Take care Holly, give your Mom a nuzzle:)

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