Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some changes in the template and a great play wins a Pulitzer

My friend Peter is working on the blog template, so things might be a little wonky over the next few days. I really appreciate the time and effort he is putting into this, since I am really a Luddite when it comes to adding bells and whistles on my baby. Yes, I think of my blog as my baby. Let me know what you think.
When it's up and running it should be a master piece. He will be available to do other blogs as well... He is starting is own business.

I am proud to report that "Next To Normal" won a Pulitzer yesterday for drama. I was fortunate enough to see this play last year with my friend Peter, and funny enough with blogger Sandy Naiman, at the same showing, but we didn't have each other's cell numbers and missed each other! Dang!

Next To Normal- what can you say about this play- it's the story of a family, who's matriarch is bipolar and has to deal with depression, death of a child,  suicide attempts, ECT, and takes your heart and soul out of you, yet somehow you leave the theatre feeling like there is hope. Sandy has a brilliant review of it here. I tried to review it, but the whole ECT scene triggered me so hard I was weeping. When the lights went up, I found out I was sitting next to the wife of one of the big New York magazine editors and she was weeping too; her Aunt had ECT and we were swapping Kleenex. It's going on a national tour, I highly recommend it.


Syd said...

It sounds like an interesting play. I would like to see it.

Sid said...

I first heard about Next To Normal when it won several Tony Awards last year. I can't wait for it to come to Chicago, I'll be the first one to get tickets.

susan said...

@Syd- it's a wonderful play, same people that did "Rent" did this one.

@Sid- bring Kleenex. It's a powerhouse.

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