Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Official-The Only Anti-Depressant That Works Is- (Repost)

It's official. Word is breaking on the AP and Reuters, UPI, Thompson and Bloomberg wires that the only antidepressant- the only guarenteed way to get out of a depressive state is...


Hearing this news, both Thompson and Bloomberg wires are reporting that Big Pharma is pulling out their hair as pharmacies all over the world are dumping Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil down the toilet, causing these companies to beg President Obama for money to stave off bankruptcy , siting if he can listen to GM and Chrysler, he can help them.

President Obama is remaining silent on this, but has been updated on this situation. The most pressing thing on his agenda today is a meeting with the Queen at Buck Palace and to meet the corgis, and bringing one home for his children, a boy which the Presient has named "Winston", because he likes the name, and it's an all black puppy with a small white spot on it's neck shaped like a heart that reminds him of the late Sir Winston.

The president also has an appointment with the head of Cadburys to figure out why American chocolate cannot hold a candle to European, and will it now need a script from the p-doc to get it? Other things on their agenda is to discuss if the "hot' Green M and M candy is single.

A pharmacy student at Rutpurrs University, contacted by this journalist, stated "this is a nightmare. We all must know Latin for the big drugs, but learning "dispence white/dark/ semi sweet/ chocolate as needed every 8 hours", is just too much, and won't fit on the dispensing pad. I may just drop out before I get my really cool white lab coat which is a real chick magnet".


tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

LOL. Chocolate's not bad ... but not the only one that works. I can't tell you what that one is ~ pleading the 5th on that one. =D

I have such a raging case of PMS this month due to stoppage of Zoloft. Grrrrr.

Hoping you are well.

susan said...


MUst have Chocolate. Must have chocolate.

Radagast said...



Syd said...

I like this April Fool's. It is great! I had to laugh about the Corgis. Really fun.

susan said...

@Matt, grin.

@Syd, thanks. I like little Corgis actually. Don't tell anyone, but I do like dogs, even if I am owned by a cat.

Jen said...

LOL... I have been claiming that chocolate is the cure-all for everything for years. Great post!

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