Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guest Blogger- Holly The Cat. A Cat Ponders On Depression

Hello. For those who don't know me, I am a tan tabby cat, ten years old. I've lived with Susan since January, 2003. The woman who rescued me named me Holly since I was rescued a day or so before Christmas, heavy with kittens. A Christmas miracle. But Susan says it's really Holly because her favorite TV show in the entire universe is "Red Dwarf" and she couldn't name me "Cat" now, could she? And "Dave", was out of the question, since I am a girl cat. And if she named me "Rimmer", the ASPCA would come and arrest her for animal cruelty.

My human's been really down in the dumps the last few days.
Susan's  also been feline poorly the last few days. She struggles to get out of bed just feeling tired and has a fever.  She's seen her GP who said she has a cold- and did some blood work. Her white blood count was elevated and she has to see her Oncologist next week. She isn't happy. Meanwhile her head aches more, and she has terrible night sweats so she has been running the air conditioner, and it makes me cold. I go under the covers, and she just sees my tail. Brrr. She says I look like a metronome, only fuzzier. 

It makes me wonder, what is depression, and why my poor human has it so badly.  Susan refers to it as a "Black Dog" an idea she got from someone named Churchill. I don't know about Churchill, other than he lived a long time ago in a place called across the pond. Does that mean he lived near ducks? And it's called "Black Dog". You wouldn't call it "Black Cat". Poor Mr. Churchill. I wonder if dogs get depressed. Cats don't really get depressed. Not like my human, if she can be an indicator.

I mean, cats do get depressed. This past winter I was sad because it snowed so much and all the birdies and squirrels went away and I had nothing to look at from my window sill. There wasn't enough sunshine to stretch out and languish on my tummy fur. But I didn't cry. I slept and  and played with my toys, dive bombed my human's mail, knocked over some books and cd's, and meowed at the TV. I may not be a kitten anymore, but I still know how to play and get into mischief. Susan on the other hand spent days in bed not sleeping, not doing anything, just listening to the radio and not happy. I am always happy if I am not sleeping, or eating or using my litter box.

I think the difference between cats and humans is simply this. Cats live in the moment. We don't think about yesterday or tomorrow. It's all about the moment we are in. Right now, I am on the computer. In a moment I will be in a fluffy comforter, in a nice warm bed, in a patch of sunshine with my stuffed panda bear.

That is nice. I guess we are all Id.  Maybe if humans were all Id, too they wouldn't be so sad. Humans should be more like cats. Or the Cat from Red Dwarf, just live in the moment, and think about eating little fishies. And looking cool.   Something like that.

I won't comment back but paw hugs, head bonks, scritches and tuna is appreciated.  I got some serious nappage to do now, I've missed two naps, and it's almost bed time.  Meow.


Matthew Isaacson said...

Holly, send Susan a big cyber hug from me.

susan said...

Matthew, OK. With or without claws?

Radagast said...

Cat's my favourite character... I can't remember which episode it comes from, but Lister points out that Marilyn Monroe is giving him the eye, to which he replies "so, what does that prove? That's she's not blind?".

Anyway, I think it's the human need to plan, when they can't possibly compute all the permutations (I say this having donned my tiger persona!), and then they confuse themselves trying. It's so much more fun being malleable enough to respond to any given situation... Why would one wish to nail everything down, and make it predictable?


susan said...

Radagast- Second season better than life?

There was an episode where Marilyn was on the beach in the classic white dress saying"Boop oop e doop?"

Ellen S said...

I have fought against depression myself more than I care to admit. "the kids" send purrs and head rubs against the ankles.

susan said...

Head bonks to Becky Boo Ellen!

Sairs said...

I love red dwarf! I think your cat is gorgeous too. I really liked this post, but I'm sorry you're feeling so depressed. I'm glad you have such a cute cat you can cuddle up to. I miss my cat, he died at 13 1/2 in July 2007. I still think of him all the time and his photo is by my bed. We can't have cats here so I love it when I read stories of cats or stories from cats :-)

Sairs said...

blogger ate my post! I was just saying how much I loved this post. I'm sorry you're feeling so down but at least you have your gorgeous cat around to snuggle with. I miss my boy, he died in 2007 and we can't have cats here. I so wish we could. Sabby always used to make me feel better. Oh and I love red dwarf!

susan said...

Sarah, I am sorry you cannot have a cat. I hope you can find a place to live where you can have a cat. Holly is my best friend and I do love her.

I cannot believe all these REd Dwarf fans! I thought I was the only one in the world who liked the boys from the Dwarf! Either that or the people responding are from the UK. (I know Radagast is). I don't think it ever really caught on over here.

Spike said...

My kitchen help Jim has the same troubles...thinking too much. Goodness knows I try to keep him in the moment. When I want something, I want it, now. And I'm very insistent.

Maybe if humans had less brains and two more legs they'd be better off.

My sincerest greetings to you, Miss Holly...and to your human.

Radagast said...

Susan wrote:
"...There was an episode where Marilyn was on the beach in the classic white dress saying"Boop oop e doop?""

Yes, that sounds like it... I really ought to be able to remember: my kids have caught the bug and are watching RD repeatedly On Demand!

Riayn said...

Red Dwarf! What an awesome show that was.

Susan, I really hope you are feeling better soon and that your elevated white blood count is nothing serious.

Holly, enjoy the sunshine!

greenishtinge said...

Sending your human a big hug and well wishes. And hoping that that dog will leave her alone for a while soon.

Syd said...

I think that Holly understands how to stay in the moment very well. I'm glad that she is there to provide warmth and much love.

The Blue Morpho said...

Your cat writes a great post. Cats are so very Zen. I have learned a lot from them. I don't have cats right now (I need to figure out how to get the landlady to agree to a couple) but I know what a comfort they can be. Holly was lucky to be rescued by a good owner.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 cats right now and I know if they were not with me, I would probably tip over the edge. They DO keep me grounded when I'm at my worse.

Heads butts and purrs from Salem & Izzy.

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