Thursday, April 9, 2009

wishing everyone happy holidays

wishing everyone a happy Passover, Good Friday and Easter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan -- hope you are doing OK?


Mary LA

susan said...

Thanks Mary. I am OK just very busy with my family this week with the holiday..... looking forward for it to end for some me time again!

I hope you and the pups are well, and they are staying out of puppy trouble.....

Ana said...

It took me some seconds to understand.
Great Susan.
Poor babies.
Just came to see if you're fine.
I'm glad you're busy with your family.
Seriously. Sometimes it's good even to remember that "how good it's to be left in peace."

Wellness Writer said...

Very funny! Hope you saw Catatonic Kid's picture of trucks going through an ocean, which she said might have been easier for Moses when he crossed the Red Sea.

Also, I saw a nice mention of your blog on Coming Out Crazy!

Stephany said...

hah! too funny!

Melissa said...

the best thing about the hollow ones is that you can fill them with peanut butter.

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