Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009- why not on other planets too?

To celebrate Earth Day today, the (UK) Daily Mail Online posted the most recent pictures of Saturn and it's moons taken by the Cassini probe.

Words escape me but to paraphrase Shakespeare, "Oh Brave New World that has such things in it". Or. like the LOL cat states- quoting Arthur C. Clarke in 2001- "OMG, it's full of stars".

Hat tip- D. Bunker.


Ana said...

This is very beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.

Merelyme said...

Love the kitty photo. I have missed you my friend! I hope you are doing okay.

Sherry said...

awesome car pic. The planets aren't too shabby either.

Sherry said...

Is that really you in your picture? You're pretty. I just had my awful driver's license picture done today so pix are on my mind. Nothing like a DVM photo session to erase any thought of a career in modeling from your mind.

Sherry said...

Du-uh. That's the CAT pic that's awesome. Hey, I just had 1.5 Margaritas with a birthday coupon I got. Now I can't spell. Feel good, though. {;>)

I'll shut up now.

susan said...

@Ana, thank you! I loved those pictures of Saturn!

@Merelyme, I missed you too. I hope to catch up with you by the end of t he weekend

@Sherry, Pass some of that Margarita to me.... I am wasting away in Margaritaville.

Did we miss your birthday?

Ana said...

I'm also missing you!

Ana said...

It's not me. It's Tracy Johnson the healthy 19-years-old volunteer who has hanged herself during Cymbalta's clinical trial.

susan said...

@Sherry, no that is not Ana. It's Traci Johnson.

Ana is actually the girl from Ipenema. I think that is why her blog has such as huge following. The guys all know she is gorgeous and tan and a Brazilian bombshell. And right now the hottest supermodels in the world are from Brazil......

Ana, take care. Worried about this super flu and hoping it doesn't go to your part of South America.

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