Monday, April 6, 2009

Is this what depression feels like to you?

picture courtesy of D. Bunker.


Melinda said...

no, to me depression feel like a big undertow, filling my brain with dirty water. That kind of fighting would take Too Much Energy.

Ana said...

Too depressed to think. :)
Seriously, standing up is a little difficult but perhaps the struggle between the reason telling you what to do and the emotional not letting you do could be expressed by this photo.
It suxs...
We all agree on that.

Melissa said...

The picture feels like recovery. Recovery feels that way to me... a fight. Not necessarily hopeful or rewarding, but straining and fighting and never quite knowing if I am winning or losing.

But then, if I feel like I'm fighting... I know I'm in some stage of recovery.

susan said...

@Melinda, I feel depression is like drowning too . That is why I fight.

@Ana, it does. sorry you are too depressed to think.

@Melissa, I hadn't thought of that but it makes sense why I thought it was a positive picture.

Ellen said...

Yes, for me this is a great image. Depression does feel like a tussle with a black 'thing' - I just didn't realize it was a giant pre-historic lizard!

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