Friday, October 10, 2008

Writer's Block

(Thanks To Immi, who turned me on to this site.)

But i really do have a writer's block. My BIC is dry. Words escape me.


Immi said...

hehe Glad you like the lolcats. :) Putting up a lolcat is a cool way to deal with writer's block. Everyone gets it sometime or other. It passes in time. Laughing in the meanwhile is good.

Ana said...

Beautiful picture!
Don't worry. It's part of the process not being able to write.

Zathyn Priest said...

Hi Susan - I just read the comment you left on my Blog and didn't want to take the liberty of using your email to contact you. I don't usually leave links, so forgive me this time -

It's a forum I run and, if you want to email me personally, please do. Feel free to delete this comment if you want due to the link.

My thoughts are with you.

Merelyme said...

awww cute picture. yeah...sometimes the words won't come but just wait...soon i bet you will have an avalanche of thoughts and words.

Raspberry said...

I love the lolcats!

Hope the creative juices are flowing again soon x

rasp XxX

Leslie said...

Hi susan, write more about writer's block.

Thinking about you. Love Lulu

Sherry said...

You may feel dry but that's on the surface. Beneath, in the places beyond your consciousness, your well is replenishing itself. Just keep writing--anything will do, even your grocery list--and you'll notice your creativity seeping back into your work.

I get blocked, too, sometimes for prolonged periods. I think we need to keep writing so we'll *notice* that phenomenon when it happens. (We won't talk about how long it's taken me to figure this out.)

Stan said...

Meow Meow and Susan:

Just was checking out your site and wanted to say Hi, since your an animals lover and a Koda Fan like me.
Your site is very nice, even if some of those post are pretty heart wrenching. {{hugs}}

Yours Truly,

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