Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I need chicken soup

Just letting you all know, yes, I have been very very depressed, and find writing almost impossible, something that hardly ever happens, but I also am running 101 fever and feel sick as a dog. (Sorry Koda) I hadn't gone to the gym in a couple of days and my muscles started to atrophy, I fell in the shower the other day and can no longer lift my arms to do simple things like brush my hair or put my hair up in a scrunchie.

I should be fine in a day or two... just wanted to explain the reason why I am not here.

On a lighter side, the cat is fine. She recently fell asleep on my tummy.


venustar said...

Love you, S.

For some reason, Blogger isn't accepting my login....weird.

Anonymous Drifter said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Fiddy said...

Flick some AC/DC on. Does the trick for me when I'm feeling blue :)


Immi said...

That sounds so not fun. I hope you feel better soon!

AA said...

And yet you still make the time and spend the energy to visit my dinky lil site!

Get well soon, Susan!

Mark p.s. said...

I hope you get well soon!

Radagast said...

Take my advice, stock up on CDs, books, tea, tissues, and preferably one of those lavendar-filled soft toys that you can stick in the microwave. Then prop yourself in front of daytime TV, and enjoy being ill!


Gianna said...

you've got the flu...I hope you feel better once it's gone both mentally and physically..

not going to the gym when you're sick is a good thing..

you're not going to atrophy after two days!!

Border Life said...

Rest! Fluids! and yes, CAT! I hope you are feeling better soon <3 BL

JohnD said...

Hey, there - You're here - in every word you manage to set down - there it is, your presence, your spirit. I feel it - hope you do too. Beautiful, through and through.

Hope the rest of you feels better soon. John

Mala50 said...

Hi Susan Hope you feel better soon, thinking f you with love & concern.

Mala50 from Apocrypha

susan said...

Wow! Thank you all!

@Venus, I heard that from some one else... And they blocked the other blog I was working on!

@Drifter, thank you!

@Fiddy! AC/DC- well I did own a LP of "Back in Black" in college, played it so hard the grooves wore out! I'm afraid now the hardest rock I have in my very limited CD collection is :"Blue Oyster Cult". Can I rock to "More Cowbell"??

@Immi, thank you! Did I tell you I got my copy of the Cheezeburger book yesterday from Amazon?

@AA, of course I visit your site. I like the way you write my friend, and we both like Liz!

@Mark, thank you. I need to catch up to your blog!

@Radagast, I like the way you think! I will do that! And I do have one of those lavender thingies too!

@Gianna! Thank you my friend. I need to visit your site too....

@Borderlife, thank you thank you. The cat is in the doghouse, right now so to speak. She got into too much catnip I have tucked away and is stoned out of her mind.

@John -Thank you. I owe you a comment on your latest post on male depression too. I just haven't figured out what to say, being a woman and all.

@Mala, thank you. You rock as a writer.

Thank you all for making my day when I woke up and saw all these comments.

Better than chicken soup!

inconsequentia said...

sending virtual soup. in fact, eating my veg soup with you if you'd like the company. hang in there.


Ana said...

Oh my sweet!
I hope you get better soon.
i had a flu two months ago and I can tell you that it is already very depressive. Fever alters our sense of reality.
Take care.
Eat well.

Stephany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Larry said...

We're moving in the same depressive circles, Susan :-(

Let's hang in together, or ... well, you know.


Raspberry said...

Oh goodness, you have been through the mill!

I hope you're feeling better soon

Peace and love

Rasp xXx

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