Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am on a poetry kick

"Every shooting star that is seen
from Earth is an angel who has just
received his wings"
Popular Folk Myth

When surrounded by vast
a black sky
that is nothing
but a
cosmic wasteland
illuminated by light
from starry nightlights

Do astronauts
really pass
dead souls
on their way
to the moon?


Stephany said...
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howard said...

hi Susan,

you sent me links to a couple of these poems a few weeks back, and i've been meaning to comment on this one especially.

as someone who grew up inspired by the work of Shel Silverstein, i've always had an appreciate for poetry that recalled the sort of childlike curiosities I had in my youth (and that i occasionally revisit when i'm lucky).

i like the way the first part sets the atmosphere, but the last part really makes the poem for me. it's the simple sort of question that hides so many layers underneath.

beautiful words.

susan said...

Thank you Howard.....I know you only publish Haiku- but feel free to publish it .... YOur comments mean a lot to me, I haven't met a real poet in years....

Anonymous said...

I'm the poet
whose secondhand haiku you left those links on.

I really like your poetry
and am slowly working my way through them.
But this one speaks to me in volumes.
Would it be okay if I put it on my page as a
"Poem Favoured"?
That is,
with a link back here as a tribute to a rather remarkable poem. Take a look here to see what else I've 'Favoured':

susan said...

Agitation of Hands, I would be honored. You have a beautiful site, and come very highly recommended from a mutual friend. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Oh and,
as I didn't say it before,
my name's Ben.


susan said...

oh since I don't have your email, I got published a month ago on howards site, your poem motivated me to write my first haiku!


susan said...

got cha!

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