Friday, September 11, 2009

We Remember

September 11.

It doesn't seem like 8 years, but yes, it is. Amazing how time flies.

One of the tools you learn in recovery, is to identify triggers and cope with them. This is a trigger for me, as it still is even now. Not as acute, but still there.

I will be off the computer, turning of the TV and radio and just reading and listing to music. And in my own way, praying for those who died and those they left behind.

Time does heal all wounds, but may we never forget those who died when the walls of Tower One and Two collapsed, or the Pentagon's or a field in Pennsylvania. May we never forget what courage is, as the NYFD went into the doomed towers. The story of the man in the wheel chair and his best friend who gave up his life so he wouldn't die by himself still makes me cry, and wonder if I would be as good a person if faced with that situation. May we all be and know Peace.

A list of all who died on this day is here.


Tall Kay said...

What a touching tribute. Every year on this date, it brings back that feeling of what it was like 8 years ago. The horror, the disbelief, the sadness. This is my first visit here, but I love your writing. I'll be back often. TGIF

Sallyo said...

I hope we'll never forget the meaning of this day. I found this at Heading East, and thought you might like it.

susan said...

@Tall Kay, thank you. I didn't realize we were both fans of Mary!

@ Sally, thank you. It still seems weird when I drive past not to see the Towers in the skyline. i am grateful the Empire St. Building and the Chrysler Building are still there.

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