Thursday, January 27, 2011

Present and accounted for

I'm still here. My Mac is in the shop so I am computerless. The routine is the same, endless doctor visits. I'm home now, reunited with my beloved cat.

I still cannot walk unless I have a walker. I can barely move. I will be moving to another apartment I cannot handle the steps in my walk up. I hate moving, but I am happy about this move in March. If I stay in my old apartment, I will be totally housebound. The new apartment is more rent, but it's on the ground floor with no stairs.

The cat and I both sleep 18 hours a day. It's fine for her, cats do thus. It's not good for humans. My eyes still cannot handle reading for more than 10 or 15 minutes a day. My kidneys cannot handle any psych meds but they cannot have anything for the headaches I have been experiencing daily, and are turning into migraines.

The important thing is I am still here this blog isn't dead. I look forward to write full time shortly.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Calling Dr. Katz

Why is it so much fun to satirize psychiatrists? Because by nature, they are easy to satirize. And as the best satirists of all time can tell you there is a grain of truth in what you satirize or it wouldn't be funny.

Some of the lovable Viennese Head Thumpers have been Dr. Katz, Bob Newhart, and a wonderful sketch by Fry and Laurie. And now I would like to add another one to the pantheon. The video below is by my friend Kimbriel. Regular readers on the blogosphere might be familiar  with Kimbriel, she is a frequent commenter on Furious Seasons, Pharmalot, Beyond Meds, and Before You Take That Pill among other blogs. It's a little long, but worth a view, no matter if you are pro psychiatry or anti psychiatry.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recovery stories to give us hope.

Recovery is possible, and something to try to achieve in this New Year. I want to thank Gianna Kali for this wonderful article. She lists some amazing people in it that are doing well on their road to recovery, and are inspiring. Thanks Gianna, for putting together this list!

Recovery Stories:
New stories are now added at the top of  list so if you visit again they’ll be easy to find

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