Thursday, December 18, 2008

The world is getting more confusing. And I am in the middle of it

One more day, with a migraine from the meds. At least the vomiting stopped, but the diarrhea continues. Well, it's a great way to loose weight.

One good thing about being sick is lying on the couch, covered up in this old afghan my grandmother made for me when I left for college. It's one of the few things I own that I treasure, along with a couple of pieces of furniture my great great grandmother brought over with her from Europe to Ellis Island. I lie on the couch, switching between different cable news channels, including the one I worked for.

The news stories are- strange for lack of a better word. Snow in Las Vegas. Snow in Malibu. The dollar had the biggest one day slide against the Euro since the Euro was invented. Chrysler is closing all it's plants for one calendar month. There is a pregnant man. Caroline Kennedy wants Senator Clinton's Senate seat, a seat held by her Uncle RFK 40 years ago. And the story that breaks my heart in two- they think they found the remains of baby Caylee Anthony.

But the weirdest one of all- Some idiot in Hunterdon County, NJ named his beautiful baby boy "Adolph Hitler Campbell".

Gotta hand it to my friend Anthony, fellow Jerseyian, blogging at his website, "
My Sick MInd
", who scooped this story before Baba Wawa and crew got it yesterday on "The View". I feel sorry for little baby boy Campbell, and his sisters, one named "Aryan Nation", and one named after Himmler. They are going to grow up and either change their names, when they hit 18, or spend chunks of their adult years on a shrink's couch, wondering why dad and mom did this to them. Or they will wind up as guests on Springer. Either way I feel bad for them.

I will be back later to repost a gem. Until then, stay warm everybody. And check out Anthony's article. It's really worth a read.


Anthony said...

The vomiting/diarrea thing sounds like a "good news/bad news" situation if ever I've heard one.

As far as the Hitler Youth, I thought Sky and Rainbow were stupid names for kids, but these people have drained the remaining water out of the (gene) pool.

kat said...

"At least the vomiting stopped, but the diarrhea continues. Well, it's a great way to loose weight."

That is EXACTLY what I think when I get the GI side effects. Actually, I have them now pretty hardcore... And I hate them to death, but part of me is like alright! I'm going to fit into some of my old school pants again, and I don't even have a say in it! SWEET!

Haha... meds.. ha.. heh..

Monica Cassani said...

I'm losing weight like mad...being sick is NOT a good way to lose weight...I'd much rather be fat and functional...

I hope you feel better soon...try to eat and keep up your strength...vomiting and diarrhea strip you of necessary nutrients and necessary nutrients keep your body and MIND healthy...

and hell, we're all in the middle of this mess called our world...

kat said...

Gianna is right. But even despite my loathing and utter hatred of GI bs there is still that little part of me that welcomes the med related weight loss especially when I still haven't lost all that Zyprexa weight..

But Gianna is absolutely right, and her words need to be the voice of reason to chase away that unhealthy "hurray!"

Ana said...

I second Gianna.
Try drinking hydro tonics to put back what you've been loosing.

susan said...

@Anthony, Sky, Rainbow, Moonbeam, yeah, silly. I once met a Warren Peace though.... thought that name was brilliant.

@Katherine, Don't you love those side effects? I think it's "Every cloud has a silver lining".

@Gianna, I am eating a lot of bagels, and drinking a lot of things like Gatorade. Eww, I know, but I know I have to stay hydrated. I hope you feel better soon!

@Ana, not sure what a hydro tonic is, but I have been drinking Gatorade.

and my mother 's chicken soup.

kw said...

Oh sweetie,

I must be the only fatty-puff who doesn't lose weight from the trots! If I'd done crack, I'd have been the only Queen size on the block...I did meet some one like me, who despite her abuse of crack was a very large girl.

Some of us are meant to survive the impending famine, I guess!

The diarrea thing is so familiar, that I have a name for the thin links:

Party Snakes.

Back when my sister and I were tight, I stayed with her in Chicago. After a night of drinking, she commented on the thin trails of poop, (Trainspotting, anyone)? and I said, oh yes, Party Snakes.

She laughed her head off and thought it was a regional Philly thing, until I explained that it had just come from my mind.

Some days, I'm thrilled to have Party Snakes. Much better than the relentless blow-hole of my inner whale!

A friend of mine from working on the movies named his child "Miller". After his favourite beer. Another guy from the movies named his child "Trucker".

Our friend from Australia's sister named her child "Diesel".

I wasn't thrilled with my name growing up, as it seemed to be attached to trouble. I'd found out that if I were a boy, I'd have been named Simon.

For a while, I refused to answer to anything but Simon. I thought that my own name was a portant of trouble. I was proven wrong. It was me.

As to the hole who named his children after the Nazis, there is nothing that I could say that you don't already know.

I know of two adorable, blonde haired twins, who sing songs of hatred. They are the darlings of the White Supremacy music world.

The sins of the father pass on, even until the third and fourth generation. We need to be alert. Hate is only a step away.

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